Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Reprinted from November 2, 2012 by Katherine Kelly –

I see the local Democratic Party is endorsing Holley and Murray for City Council. Both are not what Crescent City needs. Kathryn Murray has shown us all too well where her loyalties are, and they are not in the best interest of the people. Remember, these elected officials are put in office to REPRESENT us, not do the bidding of special interests or their fellow city officials. Crescent City is oozing with cronyism and nepotism, which is a special dysfunction known to cripple local economies. Look around you. High unemployment, lack of regard for the average citizen, completely inaccessible ruling class is what we have and can expect more of if Murray maintains her seat.

My experience with Murray is one of shock and awe. I am shocked a person with such limited ability to think critically can call herself a leader.  At one council meeting when fluoridation was the topic she ignorantly claimed that her doctor and her dentist both say it’s okay so that’s good enough for her. My jaw hit the floor. She has NO CLUE about what she is talking about yet she is supposed to make decisions for the rest of us. This is just one example of Murray’s inability to think outside the box. But examining her record will show it’s all she’s about.

Something else about Murray I find lacking and it’s her manners.  I sent her an informational on fluoridation, along with every other city official as I have been doing for several years now, and she responded by telling me I was wasting her time and to remove her from my mailing list. This is coming from someone wearing the Mayor hat, who is obligated to hear from her constituents. But for Murray, she only wants to hear what she agrees with.  Mainly, she was just plain rude. I’ve seen her give the evil eye during meetings, and she has no regard for anyone who does not cotton to her values, or lack thereof.

As for Holley, he’s a go along to get along guy. Expect more of the same from someone who has no courage to stand up to the status quo when it needs to be stood up to. Popular and likeable people may not be the best choices when our whole government is need of a good shake up. We need fearless defenders, people who are not afraid to be called names or derided when they know they are right. We need confident leaders who will not back down when faced with entrenched bullies like Schellong and Murray, or McClure. These people are the reason we are so screwed in the first place. They push through policies and programs that are harmful to the community because someone somewhere along the line will profit from it.

We need to clean house, remove the wimps, get rid of the cronies, eliminate the nepotism, fire the boss as you will. Electing Murray or Holley will not get that job done. It will be repeating the same mistake while hoping for a different result: insanity.


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