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Opinion Piece By Manuel Martinho – March 11, 2022


Listen We all know what is happening is wrong, it is not OK. This ridiculous inflation Is Hurting Us the people. Trust and BELEIVE there are some benefiting from this. I think by now most of Us know who those are and even if you don’t hear me out. You think things are bad now? Just Wait a few short months its going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

How do we fight this?

I have a harebrained idea that may be dang near impossible because it would take unity of the American people. WE HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS, THEIR POCKET BOOKS!

How do we do that?

My theory is We the American people all of us go on strike. What I mean by that is We don’t buy ANYTHING, Food, Gas, Online shopping Nothing! Stay at Home, live off of your pantry or freezer for two days. Don’t go to Work “With the exception of Hospitals, Prisons, Jails, law enforcement, any place that Absolutely requires staffing to protect and serve our people should have a Moral obligation to take care of them.

Other than that Stay Home!

Spend NO money!

Imagine how many Billions of dollars the people in power would be losing in just two days of this. What would make this difficult is the division that is already so prevalent in this country. I don’t care who you are, what your religious beliefs are, your political beliefs, color of your skin, sexual preference IT DOES NOT MATTER!

\We are the American people. We are the only ones who can stop this.

Stop listening to the News for a minute, look around you. Look at your own household and how things just keep getting harder and harder, you may be in a decent financial position now and think you will be ok, just wait. This will not change unless we do something about it.

I am just an average Joe Family Man. I love my Family I love my people. Its when I see them hurting and struggling is when I get very upset. Someone has to do something and we cannot put our faith in THEM!

I maybe totally wrong here but it seems like We are heading into what History has repeated time and again, look at the midievil times; Kings, Dukes, Earls so on and so fourth they had “I’m just guessing here” 80% of the wealth in probably 3% of the population what was left? Peasants!

US the American People, this is what will happen as it has again and again unless something is done. Please share this, take it to heart, don’t judge your fellow countrymen for their beliefs and know we all have to come together to produce change.

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