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MUSHROOMS. A Fair all about mushrooms this Sunday in Eureka.  Did you know mushrooms have been around since prehistoric days?  Cavemen and cavewomen ate them and probably quickly learned which to stay away.   Recently in the news, a caregiver poisoned a couple feeding them mushrooms.  It’s valuable information to learn which you can eat and which are poisonous.

Mushrooms were first written about in the works of Euripides (480-406 B.C.).

36 years ago, the Mycological Society started with a professor from Humboldt University.  They put together their first fair 33 years ago and as of last year about 1,000 people attended.

Thousands of varieties will be on display, talked about and pictured.  It’s being held at Redwood Acres Fairground this Sunday, November 18.  Starts at 11 am and runs until 4 pm.  Admission is 2 for adults and $1 for kids.


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