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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – September 3, 2021 – Picture credit to NOAA/EPA

After listening to our “empty suit”, governor, Gavin Newsom, parrot
“wildfires in California are the result of Climate Change”, it will no
doubt come as NO surprise when Hurricane Ida completes her tour of the
Southeast and on up into New Jersey and New York that climate alarmists
will be trumpeting Climate Change is the cause.  A recent revelation
that the group known as “Climate Attribution” has come to the
realization that by hyping climate change connected to natural disaster
is a way to shift public opinion on climate changes to purported crisis
level. Unfortunately the group’s hype is largely political rather than
based on scientific fact.  That still will no doubt not prevent allies
in major media from a literal flood of articles and 30 second sound
bites from local television stations moaning about the imminent collapse
of civilization due to Climate Change.

While many might just be savvy enough to understand the distinction
between weather and climate, the folks at Climate Attribution are
counting on the fact that many do not.  The hope is to piggy back on
stories of Natural Weather related Disasters to reclaim the world’s
attention on Climate Change and the removal of carbon based fuels from
society.   The feeling that the needle for more attention on “fixing the
Climate” has faded over the course of the last nineteen months with the
Pandemic, has stirred anguish in the Climate Change Extremist community
and resulted in their need for more dramatic exposure.

Unfortunately science has worked against them and it has become clear to
some in the scientific community that spouting weather related disasters
such as isolated heating in small areas of the country, or wildfires,
hurricanes and flooding are climate induced disasters doesn’t fare well
under scientific scrutiny.  The appearance of media driven coverage of
millions of dollars of damage that will likely emerge after Ida has
completed her waltz through the Country, unquestionably will be
connected in some way to Climate Change not an isolated instance of
weather.  As much as Climate Alarmists wish to make the connection, it
cannot be said that weather equates to climate.

One only has to highlight arguments used by opponents of catastrophic
global warming when they point to periods of cold weather in portions of
the United States as an example of weather not climate, something that
alarmists are quick to point out.  Yet that same argument is ignored
when fires in California due to hot weather, or hurricanes in the Gulf
of Mexico appear when California’s Governor opens his mouth to proclaim
Climate Change. While there remains a significant enough portion of the
Country and the World for that matter that has been convinced that the
Planet is doomed.  More level headed members of the scientific community
are not in that camp.  Most firmly believe that human innovation will
rise to the top and turn what is being broadcast as a disaster of epic
proportions into a chance for a much brighter future.  They tend to be
more concerned with the propaganda spouted by groups such as Climate
Attribution and others that continue with “the world will end, if
something is not done immediately”.  After all, when the world does not
end by 2050, where will climate alarmist go to hide?

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