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By Jaime Yarbrough – July 13, 2022

The founder Christie Lynn Rust, current President Don Olson, member Dennis Louy, past President Joel Wallen, past President Jaime Yarbrough and Stu Anthony (not pictured) of the Pelican Bay Amateur Radio Club of Brookings-Harbor OR, broke ground on the new antenna installation at 445 Elk Valley Road, Crescent City, on Monday. After, what seemed like forever, upon having to move from the former location on Northcrest Drive the Del Norte Amateur Radio Club ( DNARC ) will finally be moving into its new clubhouse, a donated office space in the Hambro business office.

The new antenna purchased with a combination of club funds and funds from a grant provided by Coast Central Credit Union will not be as tall as the former tower but it’s location will provide exceptional transmission/ reception service for the clubs’ emergency communication equipment.  The new clubhouse will be used, obviously, for emergency communications but, also for club meeting which happen, and are open to the public the first Monday of each month at 6:00 PM. Club project nights and occasional training classes will also be conducted.

Currently the club conducts “net check-in nights” on Tuesday evenings. The first net call is from Gasquet on 147.180 MHz at 6:30 PM via the Camp 6 repeater, reaching points South as far as Rio Dell and Ashland, East including Jackson and Josephine County as well as Del Norte and Currey counties. The second net call is at 7:15 PM on 146:880 MHz reaching Curry, Del Norte, Humboldt counties as well as the Camp 6 stations.

The club currently has 19 members and is always looking for new members. The DNARC has a website: W6HY.ORG and a Facebook page where people can contact the club in addition to our email address, W6HY.RADIOCLUB@GMAIL.COM for information about becoming an amateur radio operator ( HAM radio operator) and a member of the club.  Study and testing materials for licensing can also be found via the website.

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