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October 14, 2016 – District Attorney, Dale Trigg

frank-schweitzer-sworn-in-by-da-triggI am pleased to announce that I had the honor and pleasure of swearing in Frank Schweitzer as a District Attorney Investigator last week.

Frank has served the past 27 years with the Los Angeles Police Department as an Officer, Sergeant, Detective and Detective Supervisor. Frank has worked a variety of assignments, including four patrol divisions, before being appointed to the Los Angeles Police Academy as a Drill Instructor and Firearms Instructor.

Frank held all ranks within the detective class with assignments in major assault crimes, juvenile crimes, crimes against children/kidnapping, computer crimes, force investigation, internal affairs and commercial crimes. During his career with LAPD, Frank was assigned to an FBI Task Force as well as a Secret Service Task Force. While assigned to the FBI Task Force, Frank was recognized by FBI Director Robert Mueller for the distinguished honor of capturing an FBI Top Ten Most Wanted suspect.

Frank has 23 years’ experience as a POST certified and FBI certified law enforcement instructor. Frank has taught on behalf of the LAPD, FBI and Secret Service. His courses included computer crimes/on line investigations, child exploitation, constitutional policing and internal investigations.

After nearly 25 years of service, Frank returned to the field as the officer-in-charge of the gang unit, community relations sergeant, and chief’s aide within the Office of the Assistant Chief of Police. Just prior to leaving the LAPD, Frank returned to commercial crime’s division to reprise his role as a Detective-III Supervisor. Frank also holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

We are incredibly fortunate to have an investigator with Frank’s credentials join our investigations bureau.

3 thoughts on “New Investigator at DA’s Office”
  1. Hi Linda, Hi Nick. WOW! For real? Where did this come from? A good guy is here to protect us from the bad guys? Anyone want to bet on how many FOR SALE signs will shoot up when Mr. Schweitzer starts investigating. Maybe it is good that the sewer plant capacity was increased. Hopefully his job title is also his job description. I listened to former U.S. Prosecuter Richard I Fines on You Tube. He was jailed for 18 months for exposing a corrupt L.A. Judge and then disbarred. After being a DNC resident for 10 years I find myself doubting that the masked man, Kemosabe, was really the Lone Ranger. Maybe a bank robber or DNC Supervisor, but not The Lone Ranger. Please Tonto, let him be the Lone Ranger.

  2. Sounds like we’re getting the big guns here finally?

    Kudo’s for bringing in someone with some real experience!

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