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2 + 2 = 5By Connie Morrison, Retired Nurse – January 13, 2016 – I was talking to a friend about his niece’s daughter.  He was shocked when she came home with the “perfect score  on her math test.

One of the questions was; what does 2+2 equal?  The child’s answer was 5.

Their were several other math problems with the WRONG answer.

The  mom was very concerned with her daughters explanations of how 2+2=5 could be correct.  Reportedly her teacher said, “With the “new math, close is good enough.”

Can you believe it, 2+2 = 5?  This is math?  Not English or philosophy, where there is room for many arbitrary answers.  But math? Where the slightest deviation from correct calculations could send our spaceship to the sun instead of the moon?

As a retired nurse, I can not imagine how I would figure out how many milliliters of a chemical (medicine) to draw up in a syringe to inject into a 20 lb. infant or a 200 lb man.  What would be “good enough?”

When I hit the play  on a video titled Agenda 21 for Dummies; at 7:06 minutes  into the video I see on the screen

2 + 2 = 5.

I did a double, triple, quadruple take.

This is called Connected Mathematics.  The new world order version of math.  If this is truly what is being taught, it’s no wonder why Del Norte County comes in dead last in academics out of all the counties in California.

Connected mathematics teaches “Mathematics is man-made, that it is arbitrary and good solutions are arrived at by CONSENSUS by those who are considered EXPERTS!”

You can watch that video at this link:  copy and paste this link in your browser 

Guess it’s time to talk with our School Board and find out if all of our public school children are being taught New Math. If they are, I hope I’m never in their care if they have to inject me with meds.





3 thoughts on “New math can kill us”
  1. My article on New Math Can Kill You (posted date 1-13-2016 on time line) was written from the heart, out of concern for my beloved country men and women, old and young, of ALL NATIONALITIES, all sexual orientations, all peaceful political beliefs, without any consideration for any bodies economic back ground (future, present or past) using only the words of FREE SPEECH my country has guaranteed me with a Constitution and Bill of Rights, as irreversible as the deaths and service of the men and women who gave an OATH TO DEFEND THIS COUNTRY FROM ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC WITH THEIR LIVES!
    Rhetorical question! (Any attempt to answer will deem you to be a terrorist)

    Aaron Guzman, Thank you so much for posting this incredible list of what our tax paid, representatives of the people, have been doing in front of our eyes and behind our backs.

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