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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – June 8, 2022

Tuesday, I reported UNOFFICIAL results from the 2022 Primary election.

One might want to hold the presses; we’re not done yet.County Clerk/Recorder Alissia Northrup reports there are 1708 ballots which were dropped off at one of the 19 Precincts OR received with a timely postmark at the Clerk’s office… also, there are 20 provisional ballots which have yet to be counted or disqualified as duplicates.

Of the 15,317 registered voters, an incredibly low 26.24% actually voted.. the 4,025 who actually voted will now be bolstered by an additional 1,708 which, if validated, would bring the turnout up to a respectable 37%.

Will these new ballots alter the UNOFFICIAL results?

Possibly! but unlikely.

Districts 4 and 5 are heading for November run-offs. The supervisorial races may see some switching re: who will challenge Joey Borges or Dean Wilson in Districts four and five respectively.

These 1728 ballots will be counted and reported by Friday afternoon June 10.

EYE ON DEL NORTE will keep you advised.

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