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Just in from Roger Gitlin – November 17, 2017 – The HAMBRO Group has announced it will commence the CRV Redemption Center at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds. Target date to begin the service is January 2, 2018.

Scheduled hours of operation will be Wednesday through Saturday, 9 AM-5 PM. The Redemption Center replaces the recently-closed Julindra Recycling .

Bring your cans and bottles for cash on the spot at the SE corner of the Fairgrounds. Great News !!!

Thank you DN Fairgrounds.

Thank you HAMBRO Group.

9 thoughts on “New recycling redemption center due after the 1st of the year”
    1. Please, Robin, the blue recycling bins have long been the target of the homeless through out the County for supplemental income. Recology commented on this when the whole recycling issue came up following Julindra’s demise. If you have ever gone for a late evening walk when the “blue bins” are at the curb pay attention to the guys riding the bikes with trailers, and check out what they are doing. Just a hint, they aren’t walking their dog. I’m not sure if it equates to stealing or theft, but I doubt that the practice is okay with Recology.

  1. There is actually no contractual agreement on the part of Hambro. It is Only a CRV redemption center, with minimal overhead, so, has the potential to be more successful than Julindra. And, if the venture only breaks even, Hambro will be providing a service to our community that is currently unavailable.

  2. I suspect that once Hambro’s does this for awhile that they will regret this decision and find that it costs them money. They will not have much choice but to back out and a redemption center will once again be lacking in Del Norte County. Redemption centers State wide in droves didn’t close their doors because they were making money, rather the reverse. I can only wish Hambro’s good luck, but will not be surprised if this venture is short lived.

      1. Probably so Wes. I’m sure that Julindra had one too, but you can’t make something profitable if it isn’t. Maybe it is a write off, I don’t know. I do know that even with a subsidy of over $2,000 per ton Julindra couldn’t make it happen. I can only wish them well and hope that something has changed in the interim.

        1. Sam, Julindra’s agreement was with Recology. I’m correcting my prior comment. It’s Recology that has a contractual obligation; not Hambro. To meet their obligation, Recology contracted with Julindra. So Recology still has a contractual obligation regarding recycling but I’m not sure of the extent.

  3. Big supporter of Roger Gitlin, but this is a bad idea. Since the recycling has stopped, the amount of vagrants has gone down. Starting this program back up will just bring problems back. Seeing drug addicts with bags of cans riding their stolen bicycles up and down the highway is sure to bring tourists back to the otherwise shining Crescent City.

    1. And isn’t it nice not to be awakened in the middle of the night with filthy transients rummaging in your blue Recology cart sitting in front of your house. While they steal your recyclable cans, they take the opportunity to steal anything else they see in your yard.

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