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In 1987 I spent 6 glorious weeks in the beautiful North Island of New Zealand.  The area around Napier and Hastings is very much like Santa Barbara, California.  At the time, I was there with a fella who’s grandmother was the US Ambassador to New Zealand under President Jimmy Carter’s administration.  We attended some political functions and met then Prime Minister Langley.

A little bit about New Zealand.  It is comprised of 2 islands.  The International Airport is located in the North Island in the city of Auckland.  The Capital of New Zealand is also located in the North Island but closer to the South Island in Wellington.  The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed in the South Island as it has a climate and topography more reminiscent of Switzerland.

I was so enthralled with the Hawks Bay region which encompasses Napier and Hastings I went house hunting.  Banks were then paying 21% interest.  It had the great weather, the lush vegetation,and the friendliest people on earth.

It’s interesting to note that in Hastings, they have added fluoride to the drinking water for the past 50 years. In bordering Napier they have never added fluoride. Currently there is a referendum in city after city to do away with water fluoridation.  Several have already stopped the practice. So, it’s even more interesting to read about Mr. Robin Whyman in today’s news.

Robin Whyman is the dental consultant for the Ministry of Health’s National Fluoridation Information Service and is arguably the top fluoridation promoter in the country. Yet when he moved to Hawke’s Bay last year, to lead the pro-fluoridation campaign for the upcoming referendum, he chose to live in un-fluoridated Napier rather than fluoridated Hastings where his work place is based.

Further, it’s interesting to note when comparing dental rates of decay between the two cities there is no significant difference.  Well, actually, Napier had a little less dental decay. The government has known about this for quite some time.  Matter of fact, the New Zealand government has known since 1962 that water fluoridation doesn’t work.

Credit to Fluoride Action Network
Credit to Fluoride Action Network

I’m betting that Hastings voters will do the same thing Crescent City voters did;  get rid of that poison in their water.

  1. The following are some good sources of information: the Fluoride Action Network website, Declan Waugh’s work, the books The Case Against Fluoride and The Fluoride Deception, the 2006 US National Research Council report Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards, and the peer-reviewed journal Fluoride.

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