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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – November 7, 2021

Most people in this Country pay little attention to things that happen
that are news worthy outside of our borders, and our Main Stream Media
does a good job filtering out anything that disturbs the current
propaganda that is being peddled.  Unfortunately this does little to
help the public when things that are so obviously tainted, never come to
light.  Most people are probably not aware of a Centers for Disease
Control announcement in October of 2020, that only about six percent of
those being broadcast as having died from Covid-19 did in fact die from
Covid-19.  The report went on to describe what in fact most “Covid
Deaths” had actually died from, and the result was that less than 20,000
people had died in 2020 from Covid-19, not 300,000 plus.

Recently a sharp eyed reader found an interesting story found in Il
Tempo, a major Italian newspaper.  For those that can read Italian, the
story went on to reveal that the Italian Higher Institute of Health had
adjusted their number of people that died of Covid-19 from 130,000 to
3,783.  This turns out to be a 97.3% drop in reported deaths from Covid
previously attributed directly to the SARS-2-COR virus.  According to
that same article the Corona virus has killed less people than the
average experience with the seasonal flu.

The article goes on to say that of the 130,468 currently being recorded
as Covid deaths, only 2.9% did not have some sort of serious
co-morbidity.   The report states that commonly reported causes of death
such as high blood pressure, dementia, diabetes, atrial fibrillation,
lung problems, cancer, and previous heart failure, were in fact the most
likely cause of death, not Covid….  Interesting revelation.  While
this news report should be taken with a dose of caution, as the report
from the Institute itself does not make the leap that the article in Il
Tempo does and appears to make an effort to normalize what death from
Covid actually refers to.

Granted this revelation whether true or not does not appear to have
affected Italy’s stance on regulation surrounding its citizens as to how
to handle the on going situation over the Pandemic.  It simply means
that coupled with the report in 2020 out of the CDC and a since removed
published report by a John Hopkins economist that current numbers of
Covid deaths are not to be relied on……..  We may learn it the future
that the Corona virus was far less deadly than we have been led to believe.

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