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By Kevin Kiley – December 4, 2023

Newsom’s performance in the Fox News debate was even worse than expected. Realizing this, he is now complaining it was “rigged.” NBC reports Newsom’s wife actually went up on stage during the last commercial and cut the debate off, saying “we’re done.”

I’m glad we could play a part in making Newsom’s national debut backfire. Fox News led its coverage with my live fact check, its headline reading “Congressman calls California a warning for the nation” followed by my statement that Newsom is the “worst governor in America.”

The following morning, I rose on the House Floor to offer a rebuttal. While I aways try to be concise, I needed 30 minutes to address Newsom’s most delusional statements from the debate. The speech, which you can watch here, is now one of the most watched House videos on YouTube.

During the debate, Newsom’s Chief of Staff was trolling my live tweets with wild insults. Interestingly, she then promptly deleted her account. Meanwhile, things are moving quickly in DC right now:

  • spoke on the House Floor to raise alarms about the Chinese bio lab in California and am calling for a further investigation into the CDC’s role allowing this threat to go undetected.
  • I chaired a hearing of my Subcommittee on Biden’s disasrous economic policies, calling on Biden to end the Julie Su farce as her failed nomination passed 9 months.
  • bill I sponsored to freeze the $6 billion that Biden gave Iran passed the House overwhelmingly.

At a hearing tomorrow, I’ll have the chance to directly question the President of Harvard. And at a Judiciary hearing Wednesday, we’re taking up legislation to stop the abuse of “FISA,” the program that was used to spy on Americans. Much to do before the year ends.

Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

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