Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

By Kevin Kiley – August 2, 2021

If they kick me out. I’m gonna feel good about what we just did, and not ever regret a damn thing.”

So it was that Gavin Newsom, in a surreal interview, suggested he’d do everythingall over ago. Apparently, the cuisine at the French Laundry was worth the bad press.

This might be amusing, if not for a deadly serious reality: Groundhog’s Day is actually upon us. Mask mandates are back, and in recent remarks Newsom has set the stage for another school shutdown. 

If I replace him, that will not happen. That’s what I told a lively crowd at Saturday’s Rally in LA, where I also announced a plan to dismantle the LA Unified School District. As Governor, I’d call for an LAUSD break-up bill on my desk by the end of the year.

You’ve probably seen Newsom’s inane ads lately, featuring the likes of Elizabeth Warren. These are paid for by Special Interest lobbyists like those around his table at the French Laundry. They wine him, they dine him, they elect him, they own him.

We have a different approach. In three weeks we’ve gotten support from 4,905 citizen donors. This is one reason both Democrat and Republican strategists are saying our campaign represents the future and we can win this race.

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