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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – February 14, 2022

Newsom just announced he’s extending his school mask mandate even as almost every other state has ended theirs. This will be widely ignored throughout California.

This comes a day after LA hosted the world’s biggest sporting event. Mayor Eric Garcetti blithely roamed the stadium, neither covering his face nor holding his breath. What will future generations think?

California is one of only five states where a school mask mandate remains. But in my district, Roseville’s high school board has courageously voted to make masks optional as of tomorrow. Here is their Resolution.

Roseville’s board is one that has fought Newsom’s mandates and shutdowns heroically. The board in San Francisco, on the other hand, has embraced Newsom’s corruption and taken it to peak levels. Now, three of their members face accountability.

Tomorrow is the SF School Board Recall. If you have friends in the city, tell them to vote. Ousting these board members will provide some justice to the kids they harmed and jumpstart a year of political change.

I’ve never seen an atmosphere for change like 2022. The question is, what kind of change? A lighter shade of the failed status quo – or a bold new direction. At this moment in history, like never before, we need Republicans in office who will fight. 

Help me bring the bold change our state and country need.

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