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By Kevin Kiley – February 27, 2024

The collapse of San Francisco continues, as Macy’s is closing its flagship location. It’s no wonder Newsom is increasingly unhinged. Today, he lashed out at Californians who have opposed him, calling us “dark forces.”

These “dark forces” would include, for example, parents who fought to reopen schools. On a recent panel with the head of Moms for Liberty, I pointed out Newsom’s school shutdowns were the worst policy debacle in at least a generation.

They’d also include countless victims of crime. Newsom and the Supermajority have now closed ranks in opposing changes to Prop. 47. Fortunately, our citizen initiative has 500,000 signatures (share with anyone who’d like to sign).

In today’s SF Chronicle, I’m the subject of a profile focused on our success stopping Julie Su’s confirmation as Labor Secretary. After exposing her role in Newsom’s disastrous governorship, we flipped several votes and defeated the nomination.

Yet now, Biden has re-nominated her, and today Bernie Sanders held a secret confirmation hearing. He forbade questions, and it’s clear why: Su’s unbelievable responses to my questioning last year sealed her fate. This video reel released today served as a reminder.

Meanwhile, in a speech in Grizzly Flats opening the new post office, I again called out Biden for his disgraceful broken promises. Biden pledged to aid the fire victims who lost everything – and told me personally he would help – yet has still done nothing.  

And a film crew from the Epoch Times just came to my office as part of their upcoming documentary on the secret Chinese biolab (watch a preview here). Following the Select Committee’s stranger-than-fiction report, we are going to hold the CDC accountable.

Finally, the week in DC is about to get interesting. After we held him in contempt, tomorrow Hunter Biden will finally sit for a deposition.

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Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

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