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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – August 15, 2021

With this past week’s announcement by our feckless governor, Gavin
Newsom, inviting the nation’s homeless to partake in California’s
bounty, it appears that he cannot do anything to halt the continuation
of his Follies.  He can’t seem to help himself, proposing billions more
dollars to help with the continued floundering of California’s Public
Education System.  In his recent proposal, $4.8 billion dollars is to be
directed at new expansion of Public Education, in that he wishes more of
your child’s time at an earlier age to indoctrinate them in the wonders
of socialism, gender studies, and critical race theory.  He is proposing
education to start at four years old with universal kindergarten.  In
addition he has proposed adding a plethora of “social service and mental
health” style programs for our youth. It is bad enough that our youth no
longer appear to be equipped with anything that remotely resembles
education, but the past year and a half of on line learning has made the
chasm even deeper.

Newsom appears to have fallen in line with California’s powerful
teacher’s Unions that more is better.  With the additional spending and
the already bloated budgets of Public Schools state wide, no one
including Newsom, appears to have gotten the memo that more funding will
not do the trick.  It’s like saying if you have cancer, more cancer will
certainly improve your situation. Perhaps better teachers might be an
answer, ones that do not have their political beliefs brought into the
classroom.  Ones that actually perform when it comes to educating the
youth in core subjects such as reading, writing, and mathematics. 
Perhaps with a dash of civics, actual history, and some critical
thinking skills.  It is understood by a growing number of the public
that this does not seem to go over well with the teacher’s Unions.

Newsom, do not forget, is beholden to those same Unions for his recall
election to the tune of nearly $2 million.  They need Newsom’s policies
to become reality because more teachers equate to more dollars flowing
into Union coffers, not better education. It is a well recognized fact
that more money does not equate to a better educational product.  Hence,
it is clear that Newsom is pandering to those that will allow him to
keep his job, the education community.  If the educational community
feels as Newsom does, more money for education equals a better product,
then just maybe that community needs to reevaluate what it means to be
successful in education.  There are many fine teachers in the public
education system that see clearly that Newsom’s continuing Pandemic
mandates are a disservice to proper education and have experienced the
disaster the past year and a half have had on education.  Spending, in
an increase to a projected $25,000 per student, does not appear to be
any ones idea of a successful strategy, particularly when Newsom
continues to send his children to private school.

It should be very clear by now through this continuing series just where
Newsom’s values lie, and it isn’t for the benefit of all Californians. 
He is tied to wealth and the privileges it lends to him, his family, and
his wealthy friends.   Most Californians are not on his radar until he
needs votes.  He talks like a politician that has swallowed a lemon when
he confronted with all of his failures.  Threatens and cajoles the
public with dire consequences if his edicts are not met.  Doles out the
taxpayers money when he senses substantial resistance is in his way, but
can’t seem to break from those that control his puppet strings.

Next up Wild Fires…..  Newsom 0, Follies 8.

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