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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – August 13, 2021

While it is almost impossible to keep up with the blunders that our
current governor in the State of California is making as he edges closer
to a vote to recall him, inviting the Country’s population of homeless
to enjoy the “fruits” of California may just be a step too far.  In his
efforts to retain his current over lordship, Newsom can’t seem to shoot
anywhere but himself in the foot.  Following his recent appeals to his
base, the facts show that deaths from the Pandemic are edging towards
zero, vaccines are proving ineffective, homelessness is exploding, water
shortages are critical, the State’s GDP declined by nearly three percent
in 2020, housing is at crisis levels, and record illegal immigration is
pouring into California.  Can there be anything that points to more
disasters from Newsom’s policies than that?

No one disputes the fact that the climate is not uniform and changes
occur regularly over time.  The gray area comes when various individuals
attempt to explain in simple terms why it happens.  For instance, we
know that nothing that has occurred climate wise has not happened
before, in fact in most cases extremes have been reached that exceed
anything we are currently experiencing.  Carbon Dioxide the current
boogie man for Climate Scientists has gradually over the past one
hundred and fifty years began to restore itself to a more natural level
after spending time at an extremely low level for several centuries. 
The current hysteria over minimal warming and the accusation that it has
to be human caused has suffered from a lack of evidence that assures us
it must be true.  California and the current governor, Gavin Newsom,
have been leading the charge behind the theory it must be true and if we
don’t do something about it immediately catastrophe will soon follow.

As such, Newsom, likely in an attempt to distract Californians from the
up-coming recall, has resorted to calling upon areas where he feels
safe, Climate Change.  But is it safe for him?  He is calling for $4.8
billion in spending in the current budget to re-purpose State lands for
conservation, diversity, and soil resiliency.  He also wishes to push
forward a plan to eliminate oil powered vehicles from California by 2035
rather than 2050.  Is any of this realistic, probably not.  The federal
government owns about 46% of California’s land.  In order
to allot a further thirty percent of California land to  his new
program, Californians would be left with 24% of California’s total acreage

to live and work on.  Any chance of that happening?

The call to make California “Net Zero” Carbon dependent is equally
absurd.  California, which leads the nation in electric vehicles,
accounts for a whopping 7.8% of vehicles sold through out the State. 
His calls for elimination of electricity from anything other than carbon
neutral sources is equally preposterous.  Currently the State of
California is claiming it has reached a goal of 95%
renewables, only if you count natural gas at 40% in the mix.  California
does not include the other 25% it receives from out of state, most of
which comes from non renewable forms of energy.  The idea that all
electrical production be carbon free is a generous notion particularly
when you factor in electric vehicles by 2035, and the minor detail that
California from all sources does not produce enough electricity to meet
current needs, let alone future requirements.

Let’s face it, Newsom’s policies and general direction does not meet
much in the way of a bright future for California.  Thus far Newsom’s
Follies are 0-7.

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