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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – August 12 2021

It remains hard to believe that after the colossal mess Gavin Newsom
left as Mayor of San Francisco that he had any hope of becoming governor
of the entire State.  Yet in 2018 the voters of California
overwhelmingly elected him to that position.  In a bit over three and a
half years he has taken his complete lack of leadership abilities to
make a mockery of what genuine leadership is meant to represent.  As we
have seen in the first five parts of his “Follies” he has for California
exceeded the level of disaster the Pandemic has reeked in the State by a
wide margin.  His policies on Immigration should be classified among the
most demented and deranged of all his failings for it impacts in many
ways all of his previous failings as governor, the economy, covid
response, water, housing, and homelessness.

Since 2018, Governor Newsom has had the welcome mat out for one third of
the entire Country’s illegal immigrants.  In the process he has spent
millions of tax payer dollars making it easier to gain entrance to
California with paid legal aid.  He has spent billions of dollars
housing them, feeding them and allowing for free medical aid.  His
generosity does not end there.  He has established policies that make it
difficult if not impossible to have federal authorities remove the worst
of the worst criminals that make up a significant part of the illegal
immigrant population.  He has made California a “Sanctuary State” in
violation of federal law to protect people that have created enormous
harm to the livelihood of many native Californians.

In the course of treating most Californians like second class citizens,
illegal aliens are elevated to have free education, the ability to serve
on boards and commissions, and legal assistance to avoid deportation. 
Most Californians who wish they or their children have a decent
education are afforded no such consideration.  Californians are treated
with a court date and incarceration should they violate even the most
insignificant of laws.  The effect on the poor and poorly educated in
the work place is difficult to calculate with complete assurance, but it
is one of the many impacts Californians are forced to accept in Governor
Newsom’s “Brave New World”.  In spite of a generous increase in the
minimum wage in California, many illegal immigrants do not receive such
largess and as a consequence many Californians have seen income for the
lowest level of worker decline.  The economy has suffered, illegal
aliens are flooding across the border bringing Covid with them
unchecked, water, homelessness and housing each have added burdens that
are not being resolved with the most recent ” nonevent at the border”.
When it is all added up, Newsom’s elitist attitude towards his State
from the Governor’s mansion or perhaps his Knob Hill home is
unconscionable and grotesque, not befitting that of the primary
caretaker of the citizens of California.

No matter how often Governor Newsom elects to put on his blinders,
illegal immigration in California has grown to a whopping 8.3 million
criminals in California alone.  Growing from 16.6 percent of
California’s population to nearly 25 percent since Newsom has been in
the governor’s mansion.  No matter how sympathetic Californians are to
those that are flooding into California from Mexico, Central and South
America, it is simply not sustainable.  While Newsom plays politics with
his wealthy friends, he has little to fear from the effects of his
policies. His multi million dollar lifestyle has little in common with
those that suffer the most from his insensitive, arbitrary, and despotic
path carved through the ranks of ordinary Californians.  It should be
well past time to end Newsom’s Follies.

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