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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – August 21, 2021

In mid-December 2020, the first vaccine was being administered to the public
in most States in a relatively orderly fashion, not so in Newsom’s State
of California.  Love of government services, despite their obvious
inadequacies, was the theme of Newsom’s vaccine roll out in California. 
And then the disaster began.  In less than two months it became so
obvious the distribution of vaccines was occurring at such a snail’s
pace that even Newsom recognized that there was a problem, a huge
problem.  In some cases distribution to minorities lagged well behind
that of whites, eliciting sharp anger over the disparities.  Less than
3% in Black communities, 13% in Asian, and 16% in Latino communities,
far below reports of 43% in white areas.

Newsom complained that technical, IT, and data issues were largely
responsible for the “glitches”.  Unfortunately, California’s antiquated
IT system was well known prior to the vaccine roll out, yet Newsom
ignored the problem well into the surge of virus infections over the
winter of 2020-2021.  In spite of the relatively easy target of
antiquated computer systems, Newsom’s government had other issues with
the various California health boards and regulation which made the
State’s efforts appear even more bumbling and convoluted.  As the
specter of a potential recall loomed, Newsom finally threw in the towel
and placed his faith in the private sector.

Citing issues with the State’s antiquated technology, Newsom offered a
“No Bid Contract” to Blue Shield of California to operate the
distribution program of the various vaccines. Problems did not end
there.  Various County’s throughout the State balked at contracting with
Blue Shield directly further delaying the vaccine roll out.  Questions
of impropriety surrounded the governor’s “no bid contract” with Blue
Shield.  Various actors on the stage of government idiocy pointed out
that Blue Shield was a major contributor to Newsom’s election campaign,
to the tune of $300,000.   Furthermore Blue Shield contributed thousands
of dollars to various foundations promoted by Newsom.

Eventually the roll out was accomplished to the extent that nearly 72%
of Californians have received at least one shot.  Had Newsom’s
administration not been such incompetents, the roll out of the vaccine
may have been accomplished much sooner.  In addition to simple logistic
and tracking issues, Newsom managed to offend his Union buddies with the
no bid contract awarded to Blue Shield and the minority populations
Newsom professes to be “looking out for”.  All in all, in typical Newsom
fashion the poor, minorities and seniors seem to take the brunt of
Newsom’s failures, insuring that he continued to be out of touch with
most Californians.

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