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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – August 4, 2021

Governor Newsom’s handling of the Covid Pandemic is perhaps his most
egregious misstep as governor.  Granted there are many, but this alone
is responsible for much of the anger being directed in his direction. 
Of all the fifty state governors aside from Governor Cuomo of New York,
Newsom’s reliance on political science rather than actual science
enabled him to assume the powers granted under State of Emergency to
institute draconian mandates on the citizens of California for over a
year.  State of Emergency powers granted to a sitting governor are meant
to expedite reaction to a stated emergency in rapid fashion and not to
replace legitimate government.  Once the immediate threat was identified
and steps were taken to address the pandemic, Newsom’s powers should
have ceased, restored to the normal channels of government.  He did not.

Continuously referring to “science”, of the CDC kind, Newsom
rationalized his mandates and policies based on the pin ball bleating of
Federal and CDC officials without pause, despite the fact that his
policies did not work, nor was there any actual science behind his
mandates.  The testing numbers upon which Newsom used, often a month or
two out of date, to justify his actions is now in the process of being
suspended.  Mask efficacy has never been formally studied in the United
States, that includes the CDC.  Foreign studies universally show that
masks have ZERO effect on both infection and transmission from human to
human.  Contact surfaces and hand washing are but minor role players. 
Social distancing is completely arbitrary and has no bearing on possible
infection or transmission.  Lock downs of otherwise healthy populations
are more injurious than normal activity.  And finally, Covid-19 has been
shown to be no more serious than Influenza, with most healthy people
managing the illness in many cases similar to that of an influenza
infection. Treatments for Covid having evolved in a short amount of time
which mitigates much of the seriousness of being infected.  Most in fact
being asymptomatic and unable to transmit easily were barely aware of
even being ill.

Vaccines and their effects on people that have been injected have become
another source of friction between the Governor and the governed.  Up
until now, in Governor Newsom’s California, a person’s health was an
individual and personal choice.  Never before was there any thought that
a person should be mandated to be injected with a vaccine.  There have
been before a number of viruses that could kill, yet vaccination was
always a choice left to individuals.  While not a complete imperative
Newsom’s California is inching towards requiring all citizens to become
vaccinated or be excluded from normal life in the State.  Many have
already done so, yet most of the prized liberty remain elusive in
Newsom’s California.  This is not what he has said it to be.  Newsom’s
“science”, or should it be labeled “science fiction” does not appear to
relinquish the power of authority over its citizenry vaccinated or not.

By instituting state wide mandates, Governor Newson ignored the fact
that California is a large and diverse state, where local authorities
are better equipped to make decisions more reflective of circumstances
at hand.  Del Norte County had little experience with the virus nearly
the entire time the state of emergency was in force.  Very few
hospitalizations and still fewer deaths.  Yet state government had the
County follow suit with the state wide mandates and as a consequence
devastated the local economy, creating significant unemployment, and on
and on.  For what?  Not that local officials would have done any better,
but Newsom’s ham handed approach assured that the entire state would
suffer unnecessarily.

Just as federalism should be curtailed when handling the business of
states, state government, in particular the governor’s overreach should
not be allowed to become excessive.  Governor Newsom has over the past
nineteen months given the citizens of California a clear message of how
the governor can become a dictator with no curb.  This is a man drunk on
power, that uses the power to inflict great harm on those he serves, all
the while setting himself, his family, and friends apart from his excesses.

3 thoughts on “Newsom’s Follies Part Two”
  1. Do you have sources for info below? I’d like to read more about these points so I can explain them to my nutty colleagues who think the CDC knows what they are doing.

    “Foreign studies universally show that masks have ZERO effect on both infection and transmission from human to human. Contact surfaces and hand washing are but minor role players. Social distancing is completely arbitrary and has no bearing on possible infection or transmission. Lock downs of otherwise healthy populations are more injurious than normal activity. And finally, Covid-19 has been shown to be no more serious than Influenza, with most healthy people managing the illness in many cases similar to that of an influenza infection.”

    1. I do not know the sources that were cited; however there have been exhaustive studies done in Sweden by researchers from the University of Tübingen in Germany. The analysis of their study about Sweden’s success story was published in the European journal PLoS ONE. While the rest of the world panicked and committed economic suicide with draconian lock-downs; Sweden has remained relatively unscathed by relying on herd immunity and keeping all business open. No lock-downs or stay at home orders for Sweden, and today their approach has been the most successful worldwide.

      Regrettably, the truth does not come easy in the USA. Refer your panicked friends to the article “What if Sweden Had Imposed a COVID-19 Lockdown?” By Ross Pomeroy in Real Clear Science published April 12, 2021. A search of the internet via duckduckgo or search engines other than Google will yield a wealth of information. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have become Chinese Communist Party (CCP) paid shills, removing any content that offends the Party. Tucker Carlson of FOX News recently exposed the Silicon Valley Crowd along with the six corporations that control 90% of mainstream media of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars each month to publish CCP propaganda as fact. The New York Times was the most recent to be exposed for deleting historical CCP content to cover their trail.

      Unfortunately, propaganda in the USA has driven our population into an irrational mass psychosis. Good luck in getting your friends to believe anything not approved by CNN and the alphabet glee club.

    2. Yes, the Dutch study on masking 6,000 participants for a start. Social distancing and hand washing for contact surfaces have been debunked in a wide variety of studies ever since it was found that the virus has a very short life span outside a host. Lock downs defy logic in modern society where we can not live without basics such as food. Impossible to enforce when you have to eat, unless you live in a grocery store. Rather than cite a long list of sources, ask yourself if you are aware of any science that is alluded to by any politician or medical practitioner that supports such behavior. Studying the lack of the efficacy of masking, distancing, hand washing, or lockdowns cannot take place in the US due to inability to infect someone with the virus during the study. It is malpractice and illegal. Studies done by the CDC and other places in the US lack the critical component, THE VIRUS ITSELF. Historically, masks were used in medical practice to defeat bacteria, not viruses, a very much smaller organism. Certain kinds of masks have been developed that could potentially reduce transmission and infection, but none of the ones commonly being used in the general population are remotely similar. The scientific information you seek very often comes from the CDC itself, it is just not widely distributed. The current RT-PCR test has been found by the FDA recently not to be able to distinguish between Covid and many other viruses. Kind of shoots the whole Covid is wide spread and among us narrative in the head, but you won’t find that CDC notification common knowledge. I have spent countless hours on this topic since I arrived back in the States after being out of the Country for a month, February of 2020 to be greeted with Covid hysteria on all major media sources. My first thoughts were science typically takes longer than a month to generate a logical and sensible response to a pandemic. I have a certain amount of knowledge about how to behave in a virus laden atmosphere and what was being proposed is not realistic nor sensible. If it was sensible it would have been applied to deal with the many viruses experienced particularly over the past thirty years and it hasn’t. It has all along been a placebo mechanism by government to quell fear generated by the media. Once in place, those with the power liked the power, simple as that. This will continue until the fear of the initial variant subsides only to be replaced by a new and more sinister variant that can be equated as an even “more deadly version” of the original virus until it is found not to be deadly, but by that time a “new” variant will be “discovered” that is even worse. Do you see where all this is going? If you wish to learn more specifics I can certainly point you to a number of specific sources that are available, contact the editor for my contact info if you are interested.

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