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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – December 3, 2021

On October 1, Newsom announced his student vaccine mandate. A press release oozing with self-satisfaction declared California the “first state in the nation.” 

Two months later, we remain the only state. New York, Michigan, Illinois, and every other state – red or blue – has rejected his mandate. Newsom thought he’d be a hero. He’s now looking to save face.

Families are leaving public education in droves; school boards are passing resolutions of opposition by the dozen; parents are banding together and fighting back. Many Californians who accepted previous mandates are seeing with fresh eyes what’s been going on all along. 

There’s a sense this is Newsom’s Waterloo: the moment where his corruption and publicity-seeking have caught up with him, where his disregard for personal freedom and the rule of law have finally gone too far.

Newsom is also maintaining his school mask mandate despite new scientific findings on the harm to kids. Incredibly, some districts are still requiring masks outdoors. At a hearing this week, I asked the San Diego Superintendent for evidence to justify this policy. He couldn’t provide any.

We now know the virus will be “endemic.” What remains to be seen is whether the collapse of our form of government will be as well. This is the time to fight.

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