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Opinion Piece By Linda Sutter – May 31, 2017 –

Don’t expect to get an answer from the District Attorney Trigg’s office when questioned if there is a Code of Ethic’s policy for District Attorney’s . The Staff rolled their eyes and said, “it’s online.” When I asked this unidentified person where online, she snidely remarked, “I don’t know I’m not an attorney.” CLEARLY. You’e also discourteous and rude to the public and don’t know your job.

So I go online to find the District Attorney website. Guess what? CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED. Very interesting. Dale Trigg has been in office 3 years and his county office website is still under construction. NO CODE OF ETHICS TO BE FOUND.

What brought up the curiosity over the District Attorney’s Code of Ethics? It was a recent Press Release by the district attorney’s office that named an underage victim by identifying who and how she was related to the defendant. Unconscionable.

I will maintain confidences and confidential information pursuant to the law and the regulations of my office.”


As an elected Prosecutor, DA Trigg has a duty to protect. He also has a duty to maintain confidentiality especially for underage victims. DA Trigg failed that duty to protect her identity, and in fact caused intentional infliction of emotional distress on this 16 year old victim. Not only was she a victim of Rape, but the District Attorney furthered her victimization by exposing who she was.

In my opinion, these were intentional acts caused by DA Trigg and his office in hopes of promoting himself  and his sidekick Assistant DA Padilla to the public, “Look what a good of job I’ve done.”

Yes, DA Trigg and Assistant DA Padilla, you should both be so proud in ruining a 16 year old girls life by identifying her  as a rape victim when you had every opportunity not to expose that information.

  1. They sure go after U …Happy Easter…He is Risen

    “Yeah toh I walk thru the valley of death I shall fear no evil…

    The First Amendment Protects us Darlin’ It is government which attacks you most so you are on target.

    Fourteenth 150 years this July.

    too bad Your gender was not allowed to vote on it…Ha H ah Happy Easter from a true friend.

  2. Let’s not lose sight of the Criminal here; the rotten dog who raped his own flesh and blood.

    You’re all gonna let him get away while you fight over these crumbs?

    I love Dale Trigg because I’ve seen how he handles situations like this, and he’s better than all by far.
    I’m putting in my resignation too, too much abuse going on, and above all, TOO MUCH Lying!

  3. Pot meet kettle.You were sure quick to not only post names but pictures of induviduals victimized as minors in case that is still on going. Do ethics only apply to district attorneys?

  4. Dear Madam perhaps you don’t know how to use your computer because I can pull up the District Attorney’s website and see his full letter of resignation perhaps you need some help… In more ways than one enjoy your wonderful City without a proper district attorney!

    1. Thank you Mrs. Trigg. and enjoy the Camdenton Missouri area, it is a beautiful place…I received the news of his resignation way before he published his resignation letter. So, based upon what had occurred it was insinuated that he was resigning based upon the recent case.

  5. So why did you print the story if you were so concerned about the victim? Then you bragged it got picked up by Snopes? Then you kept it going with a article on the Judge. Doesn’t seem you were at all concerned at that time on the impact of your reporting would have on the victim or the family. I think this is the pot calling the kettle black.

  6. If you really feel that DA Trigg’s press release violated the victim’s rights, then why repost it on CrescentCityTimes? Hypocracy at its worst.

  7. There is no punishment section for any violation of this code, so other than the victim suing there is no remedy…also is our d.a.leaving b4 his term ends?

    1. yes TRIGG IS LEAVING and returning to Camdenton Missouri…I don’t know if there is a remedy or not, but if I were the parents I would certainly look into it…

      Title 18 › Part II › Chapter 223 › § 3509 Child victims’ and child witnesses’ rights

      (d) Privacy Protection.—
      (1)Confidentiality of information.—
      (A) A person acting in a capacity described in subparagraph (B) in connection with a criminal proceeding shall—
      keep all documents that disclose the name or any other information concerning a child in a secure place to which no person who does not have reason to know their contents has access; and
      disclose documents described in clause (i) or the information in them that concerns a child only to persons who, by reason of their participation in the proceeding, have reason to know such information
      (2)Filing under seal.—All papers to be filed in court that disclose the name of or any other information concerning a child shall be filed under seal without necessity of obtaining a court order. The person who makes the filing shall submit to the clerk of the court—
      the complete paper to be kept under seal; and
      the paper with the portions of it that disclose the name of or other information concerning a child redacted, to be placed in the public record.

      Pursuant to the Justice for All Act of 2004, 18 U.S.C. ‘ 3771(f)(2)(C), disciplinary sanctions, up to and including suspension and termination of employment, may result from a willful or wanton failure to comply with provisions of Federal law pertaining to the treatment of crime victims.

  8. Was her name revealed? Did the DA publish anything that wasn’t already public? Just curious.


    2. No, she was not identified, other than by association which unfortunately always occurs with a charge of Incest. Court transcripts show that the family stated her name in open court several times and the victim submitted a letter to the Court that is in the public case file that she self identifies herself as the victim. This all occurred long before the sentencing. Linda Sutter enjoys making assumptions that fit her theory and has indicated the “Family” has directly communicated with her the “real” story and that has made Linda change her public opinion. That doesn’t seem biased at all.

      1. I find it interesting that you conclude I got my information from the “family”. That could not be further from the truth. would you care to guess again? lol

        1. Well, I actually heard it directly from you. Your voice carries and you pay very little attention your surroundings when you are sharing your inside information in public! Way to protect your sources.

          1. i agree my voice carries, however, you might want to look inside of DA’s office as far as who is divulging information to who…

            1. Okay. Deflection is a valid argument tool in your universe, but it doesn’t make your position any more righteous.

    Article 1, § 28 Legislative findings and declaration; rights of victims;

    (8)(b) In order to preserve and protect a victim’s rights to justice and due process, a victim shall be entitled to the following rights:

    (1) To be treated with fairness and respect for his or her privacy and dignity, and to be free from intimidation, harassment, and abuse, throughout the criminal or juvenile justice process.

    California Penal Code:
    Rights of Victims and Witnesses of Crime § 679 – Legislative intent
    In recognition of the civil and moral duty of victims and witnesses of crime to fully and voluntarily cooperate with law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies, and in further recognition of the continuing importance of this citizen cooperation to state and local law enforcement efforts and the general effectiveness and well-being of the criminal justice system of this state, the Legislature declares its intent, in the enactment of this title, to ensure that all victims and witnesses of crime are treated with dignity, respect, courtesy, and sensitivity.

    and there is much much more. But the question is, who is going to prosecute the prosecuting attorney?

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