Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

By Donna Westfall

Macaque MonkeyFortunately, unlike Bangkok, Thailand, we don’t have to worry about monkey problems.

Long tailed Macaques are running rampant in villages, entering homes, stealing any food products not nailed down.  People are having to tie their refrigerators shut to keep out the pesky critters.

Thai wildlife officials are rounding up the monkeys and relocating them to wildlife conservation centers.  People from the villages plagued by these nimble and racer-like speed demons  are looking forward to being able to hang out their laundry and grow their vegetables without being troubled by the monkeys.

Sling shots are popular in temporarily warning off the monkeys with rocks shot into the undergrowth, but the monkeys come back in short order rampaging through homes and stealing anything not protected.

The complaints of the villagers are being answered as the long tailed Macaques are being rounded up, given health check-ups and released in another area far from the villagers homes.


One thought on “No Monkey Business Here”
  1. Sounds like the sheriffs department and child protective services, and others from Del Norte County.
    Where is it exactly they are dropping these predator monkeys?
    Any chance getting a one way ticket from our new airport and dropping off DNC predators?
    Take the airport authority along with the other predators and don’t rush back.

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