Fri. Jul 19th, 2024


Now….Finally they are listening.
The majority of downtown businesses have been telling the council for over a year they don’t want to be taxed by the city any longer.
Using mandatory city taxes to plant flowers and organize parades is not the purpose of a BID and does not follow the California Streets and Highways Code, Section 36500-36504 Section (b) states “The legislature finds and declares that it is in public interest to promote the ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION AND PHYSICAL MAINTENANCE of the business districts……in order to CREATE JOBS, ATTRACT NEW BUSINESSES and PREVENT EROSION of the business districts.”   
At Monday nights meeting, June 6th,  of the City Council, members of the Business Improvement District (BID) rallied together and voiced their opinions against the heavy fees assessed many of them and their disapproval of such fees.
The BID has been controversial from its formation in 1993 says Eileen Evermore.
If business owners will want to come together to form a non mandatory organzation that will work to help each other promote their own businesses they may do so without paying a tax to the city
The council is still hanging on to the old threads of the BID hoping for a resurrection of a system that is neither wanted or needed for Crescent City. Council members Enea and Westfall realize that the will of the majority have made their position perfectly clear. This is how government should work, not for a personal agenda.

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