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By Donna Westfall – March 30, 2017 –

Jim Beall (D – San Jose) has joined with Assemblyman Jim Frazier to propose a 12 cent a gallon tax increase on gas combined with a 20 cent a gallon diesel tax increase, in addition to in new registration fees. This proposal would amount to a $3.8 billion dollar a year tax increase.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently imposed a new hidden gas tax. This tax increase is estimated to have already added 10-15 cents a gallon to the price of gas.

Even without counting CARB\’s hidden gas tax, California gas taxes are ranked the second highest in the nation by the American Petroleum Institute.

The proposal fails to address $500 million dollars in reported waste at CalTrans.

High gas prices are already hurting working people and putting jobs in jeopardy. Californians need greater access to affordable fuel, not billions in new gas taxes!

Go to NO on the Gas Tax. com for further information and action plans.

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