Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

By Bob Berkowitz

I’d like to thank everyone for suggesting topics for our 6 am discussion group. We have discussed topics as varied as: How we can rid ourselves of the mountain lion in the Bertsch Tract, how we can become proactive in getting our politicians to move ahead on getting 101 at Last Chance grade replaced, recreation opportunities for our young people and numerous other topics. Monday we plan to discuss the new bowling leagues that are forming at Tsunami Lanes, getting Front Street repaired, and anything any one wants to discuss. It all takes place at 6 am and goes to 7 am. It’s at the Northwoods Restaurant and the discussion is open to everyone. It’s no host so have coffee or breakfast. It’s up to you. Remember, you are the change agent. This your chance to turn complaints into action. If you don’t act, nothing happens. So don’t just say “Why doesn’t someone do something?” Be part of the solution and join us Monday through Saturday.

On Monday October 5th Rich Enea will be a part of our group and explain the trials, tribulations, successes and failures of being a city council person.

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