Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

By Donna Westfall

After the travesty of forcing Roger Gitlin to resign on trumped-up, blackmail-type tactics by the 2014-2015 Grand Jury engineered by Foreman Dr. Tod Roy, who many believe is the mouth piece for former Executive Director of Solid Waste Authority, Kevin Hendrick; no one from the Board of Supervisors wants to sit on the Solid Waste Management Authority Board.

Chairman David Finigan moved to have Supervisor Chris Howard sit on the board,  Howard declined.  The vote:  3 against (Howard, Gitlin and Hemmingsen), 2 for (Finigan and McClure).

No one else wants to sit on the board.  Why should they?  When all someone has to do (like Grand Jury foreman, Dr. Tod Roy) is use the Code of Ethics improperly and boom, you’re disgraced, humiliated and forced out.

It’s outrageous to attack the one person who took his fiduciary responsibility seriously.  I, for one, would like to see Gitlin back on the board.

  • Local county resident, Wesley Nunn, who worked at Macy’s for 10 years detecting internal and external theft says, “This is usually the blinking red light indicating corruption. This is what occurs when you create a hostile environment and defame and assassinate someone’s character like they did to Roger Gitlin.”[cincopa AwNAF88D4COd]




5 thoughts on “Nobody wants to be on Solid Waste Board”
  1. A hostile environment arises when someone exhibits bad manners, exhibits lack of ethics, and jumps to conclusions. These three behavior flaws appear to be tools of Gitlin. I know this after being stalked. Accussed of things that I never have done, being corned in a commercial store by Gitlin, and subject to his OCD rants over his chief problem of grocery carts. Gitlin needs to exhibit conduct that is expected of a County Supervisor or resign. he is out of touch with the mores and values of the residents of this County. He thinks it is okay to go after peoples homes to furtherbhis adjacent dedelopment plans. Is it not a conflict of interest to use his power of office and County resources for improvements that would benefit a development plan for his own financial gain? Since Investment Realty is in charge of selling the Harrold St lot~why are a few Tea Party politicos so interested in buying up adjacent property? Looks like an insider grab to me! WE KNOW THAT THOSE SCREAMING CORRUPTION ARE CORRUPT.

    1. How many of us have stories about the corruption that exists within the BOS? Anyone willing to take action to stop it? David Finigan, McClure, Hemmingston have been Supervisors way too long. They can’t act correctly because they are all guilty of using the community as there personal bank. Real Estate is the common thread. Finigan used unscrupulous contractors to build sub standard housing. Sell mold filled homes to families here in Del Norte, non disclosure of dangerous conditions of the homes he sold. Harbor View Subdivision county paid for streets and sidewalks, sewer. When homebuyers find themselves with drainage problems or deadly black mold in new homes build by Finigan and friends, they find no complaints are accepted at the county or followed up on. No records or fraudulent records are kept at the county building department. No code enforcement when its a home built by F and friends either. Septic failure galore because somehow homes are built in wetlands with slab on grade. False environmental reports are accepted by the county officials. Just make a call to Del Norte Supervisor/Real Estate Broker for instant approval. Where is Brian Michetti Mr. Finigan?
      More later…..

  2. You are factually and grossly incorrect Bob! The truth is Mary Wilson was found guilty of multiple ethical violations. The solid waste board placated ms Wilson to help her save face by agreeing to exclude her name from statements concerning misconduct on the solid waste task force. All other charges stand. Mary Wilson was quoted in the Triplicate “there will be a libel & defamation lawsuit” against the sitting grand jury. It’s also common knowledge Rodger Gitlin sought legal council. Now, Bob, why go to the expense of legal council & do nothing? Here’s my commonsensical guess. The grand jury, knowing lawsuits were threatened, made absolutely sure their facts were above reproach. The lawyers investigated the grand jury report and found it factually accurate. This equates to no grounds for a lawsuit, hence no lawsuits! Roger Gitlin and Mary Wilson remain guilty as charged.

  3. I agree with Wesley. Mary Wilson was skewered unjustly by the Grand Jury, but did she ever get an apology from the Grand Jury? No. From the solid waste authority? No. From the board of supervisors? No. No wonder no one wants to serve on public bodies, especially the solid waste authority.

  4. The Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority found Mary Wilson factually innocent of most of the allegations made against Mary Wilson by the Grand Jury. That’s a big deal. That pretty much proves that someone on last year’s grand jury misled the other members to publish allegations that are now proved false. It’s small wonder no one wants to be on that board after creating a hostile environment, and potential attack with false allegations, for anyone who might exercise fiduciary responsibility.

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