Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

By Guest Columnist Michael Ceremello

Former Vice Mayor/Councilmember of the City of Dixon


Where are Rich Geertson and John Dawson when we all need their lucid, biting commentary concerning events at the State and Federal levels?  While I do not pretend to even have a rudimentary knowledge of these two venues, my knowledge is dwarfed by their years of irritation and consternation examining the higher levels of corruption occurring under our noses.

Considering the latest hoarse exhortations emanating from the State Capitol under the guise of wisdom, Jerry Brown has once again shown the veracity and apt description of the moniker placed on him years ago, Governor Moon Beam.  I am sure Jerry won’t be far behind the liberals at the national level calling for incarceration of “climate change” deniers but that is a topic in and of itself.

So what has this Huxley character done to pique my persistent, passionate perspicacity?  After several years of drought, Moon Beam has finally figured out we have a water shortage.  However Jerry’s hypocrisy and delusional dreams of piping Delta water south for swimming pools with his “twin tunnels” does not escape many of us who are actually paying attention.

Does Jerry want to create more dams to hold water rather than letting it go unused to the ocean?  Has Jerry suggested doing anything to increase the availability of fresh water for any and all of us, particularly the agricultural industry which uses 80% of what is consumed?

The State of California has a lengthy coastline holding back the Pacific Ocean.  Ever hear of desalination, Jerry?  If Los Angeles wants fresh water, let them pay for removal of the salt and proper disposition of the brine rather than passing the cost of canals on to all of us.  You like living in the desert, then pay the price.  I thought we were trying to protect the Delta and the little fishies.

Do any of these liberals actually examine all of the impacts of their decisions and desires or do they simply do something to be doing something?  Sorry Jackie Boy, I had intended to leave you out of this column but you and your ignorance keep resurfacing like a humped back whale in need of blowing its pent up oxygen.

Another moron looking for a legacy cuts the phrase which could apply to Jack, Jerry, or Hussein Obama.  I will get to Hussein in a bit but we have a little more beating up on Jerry before we leave him to the dust bin of mediocrity.

Jerry wants us to take a 5 minute shower to cut back on our water consumption.  How are you going to enforce that one, Jerry?  Planning on putting a camera in every bathroom?  The Brave New World is upon us.  Now for some more hypocrisy typical of those in power or with capital in the capitol.

It seems that some high school students from Dixon visited the State Capitol building and grounds recently.  They were shown a 20 by 20 foot plot which was not being watered due to the drought.  Really?  Lead by example, Jerry.  Let the grounds around the Capitol go brown and I might think about not watering my front yard.  That isn’t the best example yet however.

I also heard, much like the city of Dixon, that sprinkler malfunctions had water running for over 24 hours in Sacramento.  I also heard it took a private landscaper to turn the equipment off.  This sort of thing is an admitted rare occurrence but it just goes to show how little the powers that be are responsible for their own actions.  They can’t be fined as it would just be someone else’s money paying the bill and no one’s pay is going to be docked because they are all better than us, don’t you know?

Not only has Jerry just realized how bad the drought is, he is intent on doing something about it … in another six months.  It takes time to get the bureaucracy mobilized to get anything worthwhile done.  Sure it does.  So what is Jerry’s primary solution?  Bring in the State Water Board as his heavy handed enforcer.  Dixon knows all too well how competent these out of control bureaucrats have been, are, and will be.

Jerry, as with most liberal lunatics, knows the populace won’t just go along with his ideas.  You have to punish the public when they refuse to obey your will.  Again, this sounds like Jack but if you have seen one liberal dolt, you have seen them all.  Funny thing is the State Water Board has already announced their perplexity at enforcing a 20% reduction.

Considering their interpretation of statistics in the past as well as their announcement this past week that “conservation isn’t happening”, you don’t have to wonder about these people.  So Los Angeles actually used 8% more while San Francisco did conserve but below the 20% amount being required.  How about Dixon which reduced its consumption by 20% thanks to the water rate hike imposed a couple of years ago?  Exactly how many times do we have to reduce our consumption by 20% while your rich buddies in Holly-weird get a free pass?  Nothing new here, so just move it along.

I have already pointed to the easy solution.  It does impact Jerry’s largest voting bloc however.  Raise rates and watch consumption fall.  I wonder what Jerry’s undergraduate major was?  Evidently it wasn’t economics.  As I have said with others, “and you keep electing him or them?”

When will you wake up?

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