Mon. Jun 24th, 2024


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Santa Claus toilets   That’s right, not only is Santa coming to town but also the Prop 218 protest is coming to town SOON to keep sewer rates from increasing so the City doesn’t flush more of our money down the drain for bad money management.

How easy is it to stop the sewer rates from increasing?

Extremely easy… as long a you understand the following four things:

1.  Understand it is a “protest vote.”   Anyone who pays a sewer bill can hand in a protest vote.

2.  Understand that you do not need to be a registered voter to protest sewer rates.

3.  Understand that the words, “I protest” along with your signature have to be included.

4. Understand that if you own property connected to sewer you get to hand in a protest vote for each parcel you own.

Now that you understand these four things; articles in the future will address the means of a successful Prop 218 protest.




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