Wed. Jun 12th, 2024


As usual the City Council puts on a dog and pony show by asking the opinion of the public in the Eleventh hour for increase in water rates. It is not the fact that the increase is so little, it is the principle that people are not paying for what they are actually using and, the Administration of Crescent City  has misappropriated funds so much, that now they want we the rate payers to make up for their loss. We CAN’T.

A 70 year old man attends the city council meeting bearing his heart and soul. He says, “I am sorry, I cannot afford an increase in water rates. I live on 823.00 a month and have a hard time paying my bills.” They all look at him, and it’s as though they turned off their micro ear’s. They don’t CARE!.

It appears as though the city council is on the brink of bankruptcy. So, they want the rest of us to suffer with them, regardless that they were the one’s who fraudulently put us where we are. Yes, Kelly Schellong, Katherine McMurry and Rich Enea. The two new city council members either don’t remember and/or don’t care. Instead of the council  sucking it up and paying for the mistakes they continue to make, they want someone to either go without food, go without a home or go without water. Del Norte County has a total of 28,000 people. Maybe ½ of them are employed.

In  2007, had the then administration not falsified votes, we would not have had the ridiculous sewer increase that doubled our rates. Had the City Council made everyone pay their fair share, it would have been more feasible for the sewer bills. The county should have paid $10 million dollars, the Elk Valley Rancheria should have paid $10 million dollars, the Harbor should have been required to pay $10 million dollars and the city $10 million dollars. Everyone pays their fair share. Not 7,000 people pay for the entire bill.

Eileen Cooper nailed it on the head that we should conserve water. Let’s face it, the Smith River is the lowest I have ever seen it in 23 years. I doubt the city council even goes to the river, but they take it for granted. Tim Hoone, made his flagrant comment that he would gladly pay for the increase. Well hootie patootie for him, glad he has a job that is supported by State funds, because if he was unemployed, or working for minimum wage he might have a different perspective.

Let’s face it, this town will never be Monterey, Carmel or San Luis Obispo, I am o.k  with that. But these elected people who make dreadful mistakes, need to be recalled. We the people are in control. We the people need to take a stand and if the city council passes a yes vote, then they need to get ready and pack, let’s put an administration in that is going to listen and not spend money we don’t have. Let’s take our town back with a vengeance. Let’s get wise, get busy, and set the example of what honesty will do for a change.

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