Thu. May 23rd, 2024


“To sleep, perchance to dream”….and so the dreams of hope and change for many sleepy headed  American  voters has been harshly interrupted by the sudden stream of jolting scandals that have  beset the Obama administration. Bleary eyed and squinting against blazing headlines of governmental abuse of entrusted powers, adoring devotees of “the most transparent administration in American history” suddenly  find themselves bereft of a mainstay of certitude. Former media sycophants who have exhibited an  unprecedented obsequiousness toward this president have suddenly and unexpectedly trumpeted scathing criticisms at the lawless actions of an increasingly tyrannical administration.
As U.S. Representative Darryl Issa and Senator Grassley’s committee investigating the criminal activity of gun running into a foreign soverign nation are ceaselessly obstructed by the unprecedented   flagrant actions of a  rogue Attorney General who has  audacity matching Barrack  Obama’s.After ignoring previous subpoenas  he apparently acquiesced to a meeting with the Issa-Grassley Committee where once again he  exhibited his Obamaesque  arrogance and contempt for congressional investigators by telling them their probing the issue is “shameful” (First Read on ABC News). Body count to this point is 2 Americans  and 200 +/- Mexican citizens. One has to wonder where the outrage of Mexico and Mexicans is  in this scandal. Instead of outrage the Mexicans,(at least the illegal ones) worship at his altar!
While he stands before a Mexican audience and expounds on America’s insatiable appetite for drugs while  violating Mexico’s sovereignty by illegally  shipping guns into the nation he is greeted by cordiality and applause.No voices of protest or dissent was apparently uttered.One is led to wonder if their  media  is as compromised as ours ? Do the people have no inkling of the death and (likely) wounded flesh of their people owing to the criminal act of the Obama ATF supplying arms   to the drug cartels south of the border? Of a certainty the Mexican officials are well aware.But not a hint of blame or outrage in the matter. And to add a disgusting flavor to the unsavory recipe,many,if not most of the guns were of the variety that  Feinstein, Reid, Schumer, Pelosi  and Barrack Obama were dedicated to the cause of removing from the hands of American citizens!
Of course, since arms piracy is their forte the Obama Pentagon was quite at home with supplying arms to the so-called “rebels” in Syria with weapons .Articles abound on the internet purporting Ambassador Stevens being moved into the embassy (apparently a makeshift affair) for the express purpose of   overseeing recruitment  and arming the insurgency some  of which were  known to be linked to none other than Al Qaeda. Not being a picture at all pleasing to  a faithful constituency  so close to a major election a fierce and organized attack was downplayed as   a spontaneous reaction against a supposed cyber insult to Mohammed  by the Obama propaganda machine with the result being….dead men tell no tales.

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