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By Angry Old American

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All Employees of California State and New York City are now mandated to vaccinate against Covid-19 or face weekly testing. All Federal Health Workers in the Department of Veterans Affairs are required to vaccinate against Covid. On July 27th 2021, it was announced by the White House that masks are required regardless of vaccination status. As of July 29th 2021, “ALL” Federal Employees and Contractors will be required to vaccinate, regardless of whether they already had Covid or not; or face “periodic testing.” This proclamation effects over two million employees, and another two million military. The White House has pressured Facebook to purge any information contrary to its Covid vaccination agenda. Facebook has also become the Nation’s “Snitch Central” for encouraging users to report family, friends, neighbors or acquaintances that may show tendencies of what is loosely defined as “dangerous extremism.”

Do you see where this is going? Vaccine Passports are coming, not to curb the spread of Covid-19; but for control. Just like the “Personal-Ausweis,” or Personal Identity Documents of NAZI Germany, Vaccine Passports are being used to categorize and monitor people by vaccination compliance. How soon will Vaccination Passports become General Passports for ordinary movement and activities of any kind? When will these Passports also document race or genetic traits of those disfavored by Critical Race Theory (CRT)? How soon before political and religious beliefs of “Dangerous Extremists” are added to our Passports?

“We must see your papers! You are required to obey; if not, we have places for people like you. Are any of your family, friends or acquaintances dangerous extremists? Do you know any Orthodox Catholics, Jews, Evangelical Christians, Anti-Abortion, Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Illegal Immigration, Anti-Vaccination, Patriot, Tea Party, MAGA Extremists? Our Doctors have ways of making you talk.”

Before dismissing the previous statement as mad ramblings of conspiracy theory, do a bit of historical research and critical thinking. Do modern Democrats really support Democracy? Do the policies of today’s Democrats promote the ideals of “Liberals” or “Progressives?” Do Democrats want to assure that each legitimate voter has a voice; or do they want the opportunity to pack the voting box with illegitimate ballots? Are those of the “Far Left” actually “Socialists?” “Communists?” I remind the reader that Hitler’s German National Socialist Worker’s Party, “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei,” with the acronym “NAZI,” were Socialists! Just like the Democrats of today, the NAZIs were bankrolled by the most affluent German Corporations and Financiers of their day, and had a stranglehold on all of mainstream media; just like the six Democrat-leaning corporations that control 90% of the media in the USA. 

In 2020 we had “Peaceful Protest” riots carried out by Antifa and Black Lives Matter Movement “Black Shirts;” that resulted in looting, arson, assaults, murders, mayhem, race-hatred graffiti, vandalism and broken glass. Similar events occurred 82 years ago on the streets of NAZI Germany, perpetrated by Sturmabteilung “SA” “Brown Shirts” during Kristallnacht “Nights of Broken Glass.” Like the Democrat mainstream media in the United States of today, anybody who dared point out the atrocities of NAZIs were shouted down by mass media as LIARS! Like today, those who resisted were identified and branded “dangerous extremists.”

In 1930s Germany, the NAZI party took over their Red Cross and installed Schutzstaffel “SS” into its leadership. Soon afterward, the secret Aktion T-4 Program was initiated to eliminate “Those not worthy of life.” Propaganda emerged to support euthanasia as a humane solution to remove “genetic misfits;” mentally deficient and physically deformed men, women and children. The mass extermination of humanity did not start in the concentration camps; it started in hospitals. The Holocaust started with SS Doctors and Nurses euthanizing patients with injections. Other staff were unaware of this secret program, and were eventually relegated to other duties. Families of the dead were given stories that diseases killed their loved ones. Later, as Aktion T-4 progressed, the victims were either gassed with carbon monoxide in “Mercy Buses” on their way to “Special Treatment” hospitals; or became the first victims of Zyklon B nerve gas at extermination centers.  The average German knew nothing of this program til after WWII.

While the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and their mainstream media glee club claim Covid-19 developed “naturally;” evidence has emerged that they are covering up the truth. We have learned that the National Institute of Health funded virology studies at Wuhan Lab as early as 2018, and that those studies included bat viruses. We have learned that part of those studies included genetic modification of animals into “Chimeras;” animals modified with human genes, making viruses carried by these animals more transmissible to humans. It has also been revealed that bat chimeras at the Wuhan Lab in early 2019 had a virus transmissible to humans, with similar characteristics to Covid-19.

As for the Covid Vaccines, we are asked to have faith in our medical establishment and our big-pharmaceutical corporations who are making tens of billions of dollars in profits from Covid. A vast majority of people have such faith. These are still experimental vaccines, which is the reason a legal release form needs to be signed prior to receiving the jab. Unlike the medications you get at the pharmacy or the hospital, there are no accompanying precautions, drug interactions with other medications, contraindications, or side-effects listed for these three vaccines because they have not been completely tested. They are testing them on us, the world population, now. President Biden has claimed that if you get the vaccine, you absolutely will not get Covid. This was a lie; there are examples of thousands of people who have been vaccinated and later gotten Covid-19, and some of those have died. The decision to vaccinate or not should be a personal decision, and not one of government mandate. However, not everybody in our government agrees with personal choice. 

At a time that our government insists on increasingly draconian Covid responses upon American citizens, including mandatory vaccinations, face masks, travel restrictions and further lock-downs; there is free flow of illegal migrants into the USA. Anybody can walk across our Southern Border and be bussed or flown throughout the USA to be housed, educated, receive medical benefits and Covid relief checks. The Biden Administration does all of this for Illegal Immigrants (now officially “Undocumented Citizens”) at government expense without any testing for Covid-19; or any other diseases for that matter. Unaccompanied Minors crossing the border illegally are housed in overcrowded facilities at 1,700% normal capacity, sleeping on floors and covered with reflective blankets only inches apart from one-another. Masks for these children are often unavailable, and use of masks is not strictly enforced. Later, these kids are shipped from these viral incubation facilities to all parts of the United States. All of this is happening while American Citizens cannot cross either our Southern or Northern Borders due to fears of catching or spreading the “Delta Variant” of Covid. Would this be the case if our government really cared about dangerous transmissible diseases? The Mainstream Media is demonizing “dangerous conservatives” in the USA who “mindlessly” and “selfishly” refuse to take the jab. Keep in mind that Europe and Great Britain are melting down over Covid restrictions even worse than our own. “Dangerous Conservatives” worldwide are rebelling against vaccinations and restrictions. Revolts are happening in France, Italy, Spain, Greece, and the UK; every country requiring vaccination passports. When France announced fines of $25,000 and ten years in prison for those caught in public without their Vaccine Passport, Vaccination Centers were burned by the dozens.

Could these restrictions be necessary due to events and circumstances other than the pandemic? Are we looking at a perfect storm approaching this Fall?

After the two week blockage of the Suez Canal by the massive cargo ship “Evergiven,” supply chains were severely disrupted. Because of the average “90 Day Turnaround” between placing global orders and receiving delivery, the impact of that event will come home in early September. After the temporary closure of the Suez Canal, we saw a shipping container shortage. Now sailors and cargo ships are stranded in foreign ports because of a “Covid Resurgence” with the “Delta Variant.” Global manufacturers are unable to complete orders because components are unavailable from the “Just In Time” supply chain. Just one example is the tens of thousands of new cars and trucks parked in lots outside American auto manufacturing facilities. When these warehouse lots are filled, assembly-lines will shut-down completely because of a computer chip shortage. The shortage of new cars has caused used vehicles to soar in cost. We can expect the same to happen with electronics and just about everything else.

Cyber-attacks are increasingly common, targeting both private industry and energy infrastructure. We saw the results of a cyber-attack on East Coast gasoline prices during the Colonial Pipeline hack. On July 22nd 2021, cyber-attacks took down the key Port of Cape Town, at a time when South Africa itself is in a state of anarchy from riots, looting, arson and killings. The Port of Cape Town is just as instrumental for shipping as the Suez Canal. Necessities worldwide are becoming scarce in what appears to be a manipulated free-market supply-chain shut-down.

Of course, transportation and a smooth supply line is ultimately reliant on raw materials, commodities and manufactures to ship. Food is up at the top of our hierarchy of need. Our most productive agricultural regions in the United States have been hit with severe droughts. Our most productive vegetable, fruit and nut regions in the West lay fallow and trees dying for lack of water; and ranchers in Wyoming and Montana are culling their herds down to 30% of normal for the same reasons. Meanwhile floods consume remaining key growing regions in the Southeast. These weather related food shortages are not just happening here; but worldwide. Unfortunately, shipping costs are too high for food. Shipping containers that once could transit the oceans for $10,000 per day now cost $120,000 per day; and that cost is rising! Some critical agricultural items, like high demand sheets of raw latex rubber, are being transported by air because ocean cargo has become so expensive. We will be on our own this year, just like the rest of the world. Costs of everything will skyrocket because of shipping costs and commodity shortages.

Shortages and shipping costs will not be the only cause of inflated prices. The government is creating and spending trillions of dollars, and this cash seems to be raining from the skies onto every special interest mega-wealthy industry in the world. Most of this is being done in the name of Covid-19 and infrastructural development. In Congress, Covid money is slated for special interest social programs, and infrastructural money is slated for pork-barrel projects like the overpriced rail system in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home district. Billionaire beneficiaries of these government policies and spending sprees ride their personal rockets into space. We peasants will eventually get a “Basic Income;” but don’t expect to survive without working.

Another economic reality is the end of eviction and foreclosure moratoriums in August. An estimated 8,000,000+ renters face homeless, and approximately 325,000+ homeowners face foreclosure after moratoriums end. In many cases, their credit ratings will be severely decreased, credit lines may vanish, and they will be deeply in debt for missed payments. Farther down the road, bankruptcies will become epidemic, banks will fail because of defaulting loans, and personal savings and checking accounts will disappear because of “Bank Bail-Ins;” yes, new banking rules allow banks to freeze your personal accounts because of their insolvency. Mega-Wealthy investment firms like Blackrock are buying up entire communities and causing home prices to go through the roof. Expect them to gobble-up the foreclosures as soon as they are available. Considering the estimated 553,830 homeless on the streets already, along with untold numbers of prison and jail inmates released because of Covid, and a million new illegal aliens pouring across the border, we will all be in for a wild ride in August; not just those evicted or foreclosed on.

Worse of all, here in the USA, we are facing the exposure of the fraudulent election in 2020. The Maricopa County Election Audit has nearly completed its final report, and is due to be unclassified for full release in August. Additional election audits are happening in other States. Early news of the Maricopa Audit show “Significant Discrepancies” between physical evidence and posted election results. What is “Significant?” Over 17% of the recorded votes in Maricopa County cannot be substantiated; Biden only won by a 1% margin. Maricopa County Election Officials still refuse to hand over ballot envelopes that were demanded by the State Senate and ordered by the courts. What are Election Officials hiding? They have already attempted to destroy evidence by wiping voting machine hard-drives. Likewise they claimed not to have the Login and Passwords to access their voting machines. How long can they continue to stonewall court orders without arrest and confiscation of remaining evidence?  Have we become a third world country where elections are immune to the law?

Meanwhile, the Congressional “January 6th Commission” Kangaroo Court show-trial is progressing according to plan. We have lying Capitol Police, weeping Congressmen, and enough dramatic theatrics to keep the average television lobotomized viewer glued to the screen all day. Just like the NAZI show trials after Himmler and Goring’s staged false flag burning of the Reichstag, the important questions about the Capitol “Insurrection” will never be asked. Why were intelligence reports of pending unrest ignored? Why did Nancy Pelosi and her Sergeant of Arms refuse offers of additional security for Capitol Police on January 6th? Why were so many undercover government agents involved in the January 6th event? Why did Capitol Police allow “Insurrectionists” to enter the Capitol at the precise moment that electoral votes were being challenged during the Confirmation Hearings? Why hasn’t the public been informed that Antifa and Leftist agitators were within feet of Ashli Babbit when she was shot and killed? Why have the thousands of hours of video evidence been banned from public view? We will never know the answers because these questions are not allowed.

From the January 6th Commission, we should expect an institutional selective crackdown on the First Amendment rights of conservatives. We should also expect “Minority Report” style preemptory crackdowns on “extremist hate groups” that do not comply to the new Democrat NAZI ideology. They are already compiling their lists of offenders, and the entire Bill of Rights will be put to the test.

Today’s Democrats are not remotely “Liberal.” Like the NAZIs of the 1930s and 1940s, they have no tolerance for personal liberty or human rights. We have entered a new age of despotism. Their “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) dogma is no different from the race hatred theories promulgated by the Third Reich. Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle), pointed to an international conspiracy of “Wealthy Jews” who oppressed native Germans and robbed them of both their wealth and heritage. CRT teaches that the descendents of indigenous people and slaves in the USA are victims of a “White Cultural Oppression.” For both NAZIs and Democrats, moral superiority and entitlement have been manufactured by revisionist history. Perceived endemic “economic injustice” has become grounds for “restitution” and “retaliation” gained through confiscation, theft, looting and acts of racial violence.

If you have chosen to refuse the vaccine, my suggestion is to top-off your fuel tanks and supplies, grow a garden, collect water from rain and energy from sunlight, upgrade your security system and plan to defend yourself. Without vaccination, you will not be allowed to work for others. However, self-employment by producing goods at home will be more beneficial due to supply shortages. Prepare for lock-downs unlike anything we saw before. Be ready for strict enforcement of Vaccine Passports and to stay in your home, perhaps for weeks or months. Prepare to subside on what you have, without access to stores, gas stations and banks. Also be prepared for media blackouts, power failures, and water shut-downs. Also prepare to be socially ostracized by neighbors, friends, and even family. If we continue on the path of NAZI Germany, then you should prepare for government persecution also.

While Western “Free Societies” slip into despotism, “Slave Societies” in Communist China and Cuba are rising up for freedom. This time in history has become a battle for the souls of Humankind.  Each and everyone of us must make our own decision. For most of our lives we have been pampered. We kicked the economic can down the road; and when battles were fought, only a small percentage of the population did the fighting and dying. Many of us have traded our independence for convenience, and our liberty as a way to gain the means for convenience. Those who remain dependent slaves will be forced into moral compromise. Those who regain their independence and liberty will face a fight to retain them. This is nothing new; human history is rife with tales of battles for freedom.

For those facing eviction or foreclosure, I pray that you have made plans and developed skills to survive as a free person. If not; there is no time like the present. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the same boat, and a healthy percentage of those are proficient and free. They know how to camp, hunt, fish, grow food, forage, use herbal remedies, and have skills to exchange work in barter. Such people were called “Hobos” during the Great Depression of the 1930s; they were itinerant workers, took any work they could find, did not take handouts out of self-pride, and they were much respected. Another class of people during the Great Depression were known as “Bums;” who mooched and avoided working, expecting handouts as a natural entitlement of life. Bums were not generally respected or desired.

Do not follow the course of despair and dependence on mooch money, drugs, alcohol and sloth; as such things are a sure path to mental illness, incarceration or death. From the beginning of time, the challenge of survival was never easy.

Here in Del Norte County, we are blessed with a historically mild and relatively predictable climate. By historically, I point to glaciation during the last great ice age over 25,000 years ago. If agriculture can work anywhere during the worst of times, it can work here. We are also blessed with a bounty of wild foods and medicinal herbs that are so plentiful to be perceived as weeds. Educate yourselves, invest time and effort into a garden; if only in containers. Learn to forage, sprout seeds for food, process and store foods and medicinal herbs, and regain the survival skills of our ancestors. Establish relationships with others in your community who know farming, fishing, hunting, natural medicine, preservation, security, self-defense, engineering, chemistry, construction, tool making and other basic skills. No time like the present to start. Even if you become homeless, it is better to be a “Hobo” than a “Bum.” I can assure you that every government on earth would rather have dependent bums, because slaves are easier to control.

People have asked how the atrocities of NAZI Germany happened. How did the technologically advanced and well-educated German people tolerate and cooperate with one of the most brutal regimes in history?

Perhaps the answer to that question is best seen today. The easy solution for us in our present circumstance is simply to comply with orders and go with the flow. We can take the vaccine, wear the mask, believe any ridiculous lie broadcast on TV, give up every Constitutional right, become informers on  family, friends and neighbors; do whatever the government tells us to do. Just like those in NAZI Germany; many will avert their eyes, not ask difficult questions, keep their mouths shut, have unswerving faith in their rulers and media propaganda; and all-important, they will OBEY! 

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