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By Donna Westfall – November 18, 2020

FLUORIDE –  Besides recounting votes in the fine state of Georgia from the November 3, 2020 election, the tiny city of Bostwick, Georgia, has voted to end the fluoridation of its water. According to the city’s water operator, “It’s not dangerous, it’s just unnecessary.”  

I agree it’s unnecessary, but would argue the point of it’s danger.

Closer to home, this just in…. a message from Executive Director, Cindy Vosburg of the Crescent City/Del Norte Chamber of Commerce & Del Norte Visitor Bureau.

“We knew the Covid-19 numbers were predicted to rise as the winter weather closed in. Although that has happened there are a few things to keep in mind to help get us through this difficult time.

First, we have a vaccine right around the corner. It is very possible that our front line workers could start receiving it in December, or January at the latest. Help is coming, hang in there for a few more months.

Secondly, there are some local resources that you may want to consider utilizing, such as, the Local Stabilization Loans. This is a loan from a local source of up to $5,000 with zero percent interest. Zero percent! You can’t beat that. You can contact Holly Wendt at the City of Crescent City for more information at (707) 464-9506 ext. 236 or her cell (707) 951-3003.”

Now what exactly is that about?  I don’t know, but I intend to find out.

Why?  Because I don’t like seeing our economy come crashing down due to the COVID 19. Over the years, I’ve started businesses, sold businesses.  Closed some.  Incorporated others.  At one point had 33 employees in a small manufacturing plant. 

But there were two “businesses”  that operated as  co-operatives that I loved being a member.  The first was a babysitting co-op.  For that you had to have children and a good circle of like-minded people in the local neighborhood to take part.  The other was a food co-op.   If you grew more than your family could use, there was a place to take it. As I recall, by donating a few hours a week, we could get things that we didn’t produce from a place that took in and provided fresh and healthy food.

Are there too many grocery stores in this area? Are the prices too high? Do you produce fruit or vegetables or herbs and have an over abundance? Do you know any single family homeowners letting fruit drop from their trees and rot on the ground?

We used to have a gleaning group in this town. A small but terrific bunch of people that would go to orchards or small vegetable gardens and fruit trees and pick fresh.  The majority of the produce was then taken to places like Harrington House, Our Daily Bread Ministries, churches and St. Vincent de Paul. 

Not to long ago, good food from the schools was thrown away rather than donated. Schools produce 530,000 tons of food waste annually, new study estimates. An estimated 530,000 tons of food is wasted each year at school cafeterias, according to a new report from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). December 10, 2019

I hate waste. Even marginal food can be used in composters to make black gold aka compost. Talk about recycling; good food, in my opinion, should never go into the dump.

Besides, co-operatives can help change the economy.  It can create jobs not only in the retail store, but also encouraging more and more people to produce.  And it’s not limited to fruits and veggies.  There’s baked goods, honey, eggs, cheese and other dairy products, meat, fish  and more. 

That’s it for now.  That’s just one idea that could help our local economy.  

I’m sure you have more idea’s.  Be sure to share them and let’s see if we can start investing in our community and changing this economy for the better.


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