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By Investigative Reporter, Linda SutterFebruary 14, 2024

Public be aware, of what they will not disclose to you at the upcoming Offshore wind energy meeting being held Saturday at the Methodist Church on March 2, 2024.

In 1993 Pacific Gas and Power begin handing out water to the residents of Hinkley, California. Residents who had lived there were exposed to contaminated water created by the gas companies water ponds that were unlined and had infiltrated ground water causing severe sickness throughout which included, nose bleeds, various cancers, asthma, and other chronic medical conditions.  Ergo, Erin Brockovich movie was born.

What does that have to do with offshore wind farms? The very people who are conducting these studies for offshore wind farms are paid by who? Pacific Gas and Energy (PG & E).

Keep this in mind : The OCS Lands Act states in 43 U.S.C 1345 Section 20 (3)b that “Subsequent to the leasing and developing of any area or region, the Secretary shall….monitor the human, marine, and coastal environments of such area or region in a manner designed to provide time-series and data trend information which can be used for comparison with any previously collected data for the purpose of identifying any significant changes in the quality and productivity of such environments, for establishing trends in the areas studied and monitored…”

Achieving this goal in a cost-effective manner often requires research and small-scale trials. This is particularly true for offshore renewable energy planning, because there are currently no commercial operations in the U.S. Very interesting that the very people who are trying to push offshore wind farms, are already aware how harmful it is to the marine life, but they want to continue to push it down our throats.

Offshore commercial-scale wave energy devices are predicted to alter the physical environment, specifically wave energy and sediment transport, which could in turn affect biological communities. Detecting changes from energy devices requires ongoing monitoring before devices are in place and so at least one additional task will be dedicated to improving our analyses of renewable energy projects. This was stated on Lisa Gilbane’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management website. Her words not mine. (June 19, 2019).

The only monitoring that has been conducted is similar to a video game. The studies are not complete and they want to use the Pacific Coast waters to conduct their testing. So what does that mean to we the people on this Coastline?

On March 2, 2024 at the Methodist Church the following people will be “informing” the public how this will allow our community to grow. The leaders who are very questionable are the following;

Lisa Gilbane who is a government entity of BOEM. I was unable to get any information on her.

Tom Wheeler, attorney and executive director for Environmental ProtectionIinstitute. Notice his title says institute not EPA. This gentleman works for a business called the Environmental Protection Information Center. This is a nonprofit organization who received funding through various individuals and their last recorded annual report was posted in 2001. This business has allegedly been in effect since 1977, however, Mr. Wheeler became an attorney in 2015 according to

Mike Rademaker who is Harbor District Assistant Harbormaster, I don’t know what he will have to offer in the way of knowledge.

Wes White who is chair of Crescent City Harbor District Commissioners. Mr. White is a ship that has done ran it’s course. He typically touts this project is for economic development however, he has not conducted his homework regarding wind turbines as they are a specialty line of work that would bring those folks here but not much for producing jobs to this public. Additionally, I doubt he has any compelling information that is factual or truthful.

What the public needs to keep in mind in this. Whenever any big company is selling you roses, always sniff them as more than likely they are plastic, harmful, and will cost the taxpayer huge amounts of money. In fact, this November there is a bond getting placed on the ballot. Governor Newsom is requesting a $1-billion-dollar bond for offshore wind farms.  The hell with our kids and their education, let’s build offshore windfarms to test if they work. Emphasis on the word “test.”

Lastly, don’t let these people fearmonger you into believing that the Federal Government is in control and we have no recourse. We do, we just have to stay up on their contention tactics to pull their reigns back.

  1. Paulsboro, New Jersey, in July.
    Wayne Parry/AP
    CNN —

    Danish wind developer Orsted is halting the development of two massive New Jersey offshore wind projects due to cascading economic pressures, including skyrocketing interest rates and a supply chain crunch – two factors that have dogged wind energy projects up and down the East Coast.

    The decision is ominous news for a nascent sector that could play a key role in solving the climate crisis, and one that is still trying to find its wings in the US, even as other major economies steam forward. It also deals a blow to President Joe Biden’s clean energy goals, which hinge in part on the massive potential for electricity generated from offshore wind.

    Orsted Americas CEO David Hardy said the company was “extremely disappointed” to pull the plug on its development.

    “Macroeconomic factors have changed dramatically over a short period of time, with high inflation, rising interest rates, and supply chain bottlenecks impacting our long-term capital investments,” Hardy said in a statement.

    “As a result, we have no choice but to cease development of Ocean Wind 1 and Ocean Wind 2.”

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