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Opinion Piece By Samuel Strait – August 26, 2020

What has the world of science come to?

I have to say, that after having returned from a recent road trip up to
the State of Washington, my next trip into town was a bit of a shock. I
was greeted by a town full of mostly mask wearing sheeple, something
even my warped mind had great difficulty wrapping my head around. It
was as if mostly everyone had left town to be replaced by people that
keep their thinking brains in a sock drawer at home. Has the local
population become so indoctrinated by media, local and state
governments, and “medical experts” that do not seem to be able to find
truth with both hands? I wondered if by some chance someone, some where
had unearthed real science behind lock downs, social distancing, and the
wearing of masks, that could actually validate the absurdity of engaging
in the notion that any of these practices would actually do some good
let alone aid in combating the effects of the current corona virus.

Lock downs, something that State and local politicians have engaged in
most places since March, 2020 were employed about the time that the
worst effects of the current virus were peaking and had no measurable
effect on “flattening the curve”. Lock downs on an otherwise healthy
population have NO scientific support as an effective means of combating
a virus other than a fourteen year old’s science fair project from 2006
ginned up by her father and his friend to pass on to the federal
bureaucracy and at the time was never meant to be employed. The science
fair project was a proposal and not actual science. The only time lock
downs have been employed in the past as a means of controlling the
spread of any disease is by quarantining those that are already sick.
There is; however, extensive science behind the notion that locking
down a healthy population is counter productive to combating a virus
such as the one we are currently experiencing. If it is not already
crystal clear to anyone that the current lock downs have caused far more
damage to the United States and us here locally than any place that did
not employ lock downs, I invite those skeptics to enlighten us.

Moving on to Social Distancing, another purely arbitrary mechanism that
is not based on any valid science. There are simply too many variables
that would allow any sort of distancing measure to be a reliable measure
of space as a preventative. Science is meant to be repeatable in all
instances. Even with current technology, it would be nearly impossible
to determine a safe distancing space to prevent transmission of a
virus. Social distancing is wishful thinking and more of a control
mechanism than actual science.

And finally the mass use of masks, something that we are currently
experiencing here locally. Even trained medical personnel versed in the
use and maintenance of proper masks have regularly failed to avoid the
consequences of working in a highly transmissionable environment by
wearing masks. In addition, they also have the luxury of using masks
that have the possibility of being some what effective in the prevention
of being infected by the virus, to which something very few in the
population have access. In a recent study by the University of North
Carolina nearly all masks used by the public were found to be much more
hazardous to a person’s health than not using a mask at all. Except for
the M95 mask and a very few other surgical masks, current mask users are
at far greater risk to their health from a growing list of risks than

So what is this all about? If any one any longer believes that this
virus is anything other than another corona virus, a virus that has
plagued the world for decades in many different variations, perhaps it
is time to turn off your TV, stop reading the San Francisco Chronicle or
the New York Times, perhaps look beyond social media and look around in
the world that you live. Ask yourself just how many people do you know
that are stricken with the virus or have tested positive that required
hospitalization? If you do, how many of those are elderly with multiple
underlying health conditions? Do you know that less than 2% of the
overall population of the United States has tested positive for the
virus, that is if you believe the numbers. About three tenths of a
percent of those infected, once again if you believe the numbers
reported, have died. Current information seem to indicate that Covid
deaths being reported by the medical community are up to four times more
than the number of actual deaths from the virus. And finally, in the
midst of all the recent hand wringing about a “second wave” has any one
noticed the continued decline of hospitalizations and deaths from Covid?
Once again, what does all this mean? Are we being sold a bill of goods
by the media, our medical professionals, our leadership? Is there
really a necessity for businesses to be closed, stay at home orders,
social distancing, or even masks? With you as an individual, is this
really any different from so many other viruses that come around each
year? Are all the edicts from our State’s governor really about a
state of health and safety, or something entirely different? Maybe its
time to take the old brain out of the sock drawer and use it
again…… Something like if we are social distancing, why wear a
mask? if we are wearing a mask, what is the point of social
distancing? Is it possible to stay at home for extended periods of time
if we have become so dependent on the grocery store? the pharmacy? or
any other service? Maybe it’s time to ask what is this really all about?

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