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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – January 23, 2020

Nothing is changing in the Schiff Schumer Sham show from what was to be expected.  The travesty known as the Trump impeachment coup is now proceeding in the Senate.  One thing has become abundantly clear.  All of what the conservatives have been saying is being proven accurate and correct.  The potential for a true cathartic experience by the true believers on the Left, those who can observe and come to their own conclusions rather than blindly following the tainted and perverted mass media, is now within reach.

To prove my point about CNN, MSNBC, Google, Yahoo News and all the rest, I give you a quote from Ayn Rand’s prescient or insightful view from her 1957 writing of Atlas Shrugged.

“The reporters who came to the press conference in the office of the John Galt Line were young men who had been trained to think that their job consisted of concealing from the world the nature of its events.  It was their daily duty to serve as audience for some public figure who made utterances about the public good, in phrases carefully chosen to convey no meaning.  It was their daily job to sling words together in any combination they pleased, so long as the words did not fall into a sequence saying something specific.  They could not understand the interview now being given to them.”

 During the interview, the fake news journalists were given the truth based on capitalist profit oriented facts, not on doing things for the sake of others, the downtrodden.  Then came the inevitable enlightenment.

“The men of the press, who despised their own profession, did not know why they were enjoying it today.  One of them, a young man with years of notorious success behind him and a cynical look of twice his age, said suddenly, ‘I know what I’d like to be: I wish I could be a man who covers the NEWS!’ ”

It seems that the indoctrination process of the press has been going on for a very long time.  It has been exacerbated by the leftist takeover of our colleges and universities and has now reached its full blossom due to Trump’s attack on their institutions which make up the “Swamp” centered in Washington but metastasized throughout government down to its basest local levels including school  boards and councils.

The conspiracy theory of Nancy Pelosi coveting and proceeding toward usurping the presidency has been  exposed and verified by the report of attempts to include Vice President Mike Pence in the Ukrainian phone call plot.  Public statements about the coup, even calling it a coup, have shown that this started immediately after Trump was inaugurated if not before with the FBI’s “insurance policy”.  Now we see Devon Nunes of Fresno, California coming under attack through some link to Rudy Giuliani.

The nerve of the Democrats knows no bounds.  After conducting impeachments hearings in secrecy, with limited input from Republicans, refusal to call Republican witnesses, and providing articles of impeachment naming crimes whose validity are suspect, they want to talk about a “fair” trial in the Senate.  To compound this, ALL senators took an oath to be impartial jurors to decide Trump’s innocence or guilt.

How can any senator say they are impartial when everything is done along party lines?  How did the House vary from this?  They didn’t.  Then we have the hypocrisy of trying Trump for conspiracy to influence the 2020 election when senators running for the Democrat nomination are part of this conspiracy and will be voting to eliminate the Republican candidate by removing him from office.  I don’t see any of them recusing themselves.

As for the defense coming from some of those on the Right, the condition of our country due to Trump’s foreign and domestic policies has as little to do with the accusations as the Left’s excusing Biden’s even more blatant act of withholding far more funds from the Ukrainians to protect his son simply because Biden is a 2020 presidential candidate.

At this point I must remind my audience that no matter how the bobbing heads in the media attempt to twist the facts, Trump’s attempt to have the Ukrainian president look into possible corruption going on in 2016, including Biden’s threat to withhold aid, has nothing directly to do with the 2020 election.  I would say that “if” it was proven that Biden did what he has been accused of doing and it is against the law according to the Democrats if you are a Republican president, then it would peripherally discredit or disqualify “creepy Uncle Joe” in his election run.  I say I would say “if” but Joe has already admitted it on record.

Another major action or ploy now being employed by those not in the majority in the Senate is to claim that the trial won’t be fair unless the results reflect the House’s impeachment.  Similar to the child who can’t get his way, the Democrats pout, whine, and moan about “fairness”.

At least the feckless Republicans are confronting their colleagues in the House over witnesses and more documentation.  Wasn’t it Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff who claimed they had “overwhelming proof” of Trump’s guilt?  So present what you have.  There is no need for more witnesses.

Witnesses, in and of themselves, are another joke.  Supposition and second hand knowledge, opinions based on subjective logic, and testimony based on what goal you want to achieve don’t come close to any factual basis for this type of political action.  No testimony was taken by the House from the phony whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella.  No chance for cross examination or to get to the bottom of any political motivation.  Then there is the collusion between Ciaramella and Schiff which has yet to be truly exposed.

How does one look at all of this politically motivated nonsense and distraction while continuing to support the specious arguments of the specious Democrat party apparatchiks?  From poll numbers, many supposed “independents” are starting to see the light.

Schiff and Schumer aren’t in office to protect the Constitution or our Republic.  They are not John F. Kennedy and not even Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  The closest comparison which comes to mind is from fiction.  Senator Sheev Palpatine gets my vote.  It is amazing how closely fiction imitates reality.  I don’t expect a literal physical transformation if either were to be successful in destroying our Republic.

So now it is up to you to separate fact from fantasy, to look beyond the bleating of the press in whatever format you find your fake news, and to come to your own conclusions.  Was it appropriate for Trump to investigate Biden’s past actions in relation to ongoing corruption in the Ukraine after Zelensky was elected to root it out, was it allowed to withhold aid while verifying that money wouldn’t be used by a corrupt administration, and is it appropriate to evoke “executive privilege” in not releasing superfluous material to Congress?

I will repeat what I have said in the past.  Can you imagine what could have been achieved by this president over the last three years if Congress, specifically the House, had been cooperating with him rather than opposing him?  Isn’t it time to recall those on the Left at the ballot box this November as they aren’t Democrats as much as Democan’ts?

What exactly have they given this country since the Reagan presidency?  Sexual scandals in the White House and a health care reform which has destroyed the health care system while making it much more costly?  Is this the Democrat model of “hope and change”?

If it is, I “hope” we can all “change” and come to our senses before it is too late …

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  1. Once again Thank you Michael Ceremello for giving the Crescent City Times the opportunity to print your opinion of what is going on during this Impeachment Hearing!! It really is a sad state of affairs when so much time and money has been wasted to unseat OUR duly elected President!! This will go down in history as the biggest Farce ever perpetrated by the Democratic Party! Hopefully many other people besides Republicans will see the true nature of this stupid attempt to unseat Trump and be thoroughly embarrassed by this Side Show!!

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