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Opinion by Samuel Strait – May 13, 2022

Before diving into the recent meet and greet of the Fourth District’s
candidates, I’d like to say that the realtors of Del Norte County have
done a fine job allowing for local voters to get a glimpse of who they
will be voting for in June.  Granted there were questions that came to
mind while listening to each candidate that remain unasked.  
Unfortunately it was not the format of this particular public exposure
for the four, Joey Borges, Brian Stone, Patty Adams, and Margret
Sargent.  Further, I would like to commend the realtors who have given
their time to make the three events happen and the Crescent Fire
Protection District for opening up their station on Washington.   I
commented on the three third district candidates in an opinion piece
previously published in the CCTimes, this will be the second covering my
impressions of Fourth District candidates, followed by the Fifth
District five in the future.

As I have explained in  my coverage of the previous meet and greet this
does not specifically seek to cover the items discussed during a bit
more than two hours of back and forth between the Fourth District’s
four, but rather focus on the patterns that each candidate displayed
while making their pitch during the session. Ignoring most of the
posturing primarily from Mr. Stone, the direction of their sources for
solutions, how “representative” they were, and what drove them to seek
office, were the main focuses from tonight’s interaction.  Clearly they
all have the qualifications to run for office, yet what qualities do
they have for becoming a representative of the voters for the Fourth

Brian Stone

It is very often the candidate that is the most pedantic and arrogant
that becomes noticeable only after they spin their fantasies while
successfully seeking your vote before an election.  These
characteristics only surface noticeably once in office and are clearly
not a pathway to a successful solution for any situation.  Mr. Stone is
all of that and more.  His fantasies for government solutions are the
only trick in his bag.  He prattles on about his “successes” during his
five years as Harbor Commissioner, yet clearly the jury has considerable
reservation about his claimed “successes”.  His ideas are “grand” in
scope, most particularly with regard to solar and wind power, for this
County, and coming “whether we want it or not”.  He has trouble with his
facts, and does not have much ability to step back and listen to
anything but his own voice.

Joey Borges

Mr. Borges on the other hand is a breath of fresh air, seldom seen in
politics at least for many decades.  Sharp and personable, yet willing
to admit he does not “know it all”.  I found him to be anything but
those that currently “represent” us on the Board of Supervisors.  This
is someone to have the hope that good things will come if he is the
choice of the district’s voters.  One is not often greeted with a
candidate seeking public office that both exercises common sense, and
the drive to make things happen.  I do not sense the overwhelming need
for Mr. Borges to utilize the common excuse of most politicians that
“this is the way things are done”.  Too often is the case where the
current board does not ask the important questions or acknowledge that
there is a future. Mr. Borges seems to have that one covered.  Clearly
he is of an inquisitive mind, and does not hesitate to ask penetrating

Margaret Sargent

Ms. Margret Sargent is liken to a mostly cloudy day where the sun comes
out briefly and gloriously, yet hides the day within the many clouds in
that sky.  I heard some very good ideas in an otherwise convoluted and
incomprehensible menagerie of disconnected thoughts.  Sad to say that
Ms. Sargent is occupying an arena that will not suffer any sense of lack
of confidence, nor evidence of a tag along mentality.  There is
something there, just not in evidence or on display but in very brief

Patty Adams

Mrs. Adams is a bit of a puzzle, clearly grounded in a business world,
yet certainly has the desire to join the ranks of the elected. 
Currently a realtor by trade, that comes from an urban setting and a
lengthy business background in some well recognized companies.  Most
certainly not someone to be taken lightly.   Her response to some of the
questions posed are at odds with the rural setting of Del Norte County. 
Knowledgeable and aware of the distinct issues that inevitably are part
of the make up of a poor rural setting, yet has solutions that are
occasionally more suited in a much more lucrative and urban setting. 
She does not appear to understand that government services quite often
are directly related to the issues and are part of the problem.  More
money, and more services do not equate to a functional government and
likely never will.  This is a common failing for many who “throw their
hat into the ring” not understanding that less is often the path of
necessity for things to truly function as a benefit to the local citizenry.

Otherwise this venue was entertaining as well as revealing.  From stogy
and stuck fast to younger and wiser.  Quite the spectrum of choices. 
Clearly my choice is for a local successful and long standing resident,
who is the future in the County.  Listens, works hard at becoming a
better person, and most importantly is able to handle all the
characteristics of being an educated representative rather than being stuck
in a predetermined set of personal goals while in office.   Stay tuned
for the five from District Five…..

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