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From the Calgary Herald, January 27, 2011:  Committee recommends city eliminate use of fluoride.  Fluoride is added a 0.7 ppm. "One resident, John Chan, argued that doctors were on the edge of "malpractice" by ignoring anti-fluoride literature."


Calgary’s metropolitan area contains over 1 million people.


In correspondence from Councillor, Ward 11, Mr. Brian Pincott to Councilwoman Donna Westfall on January 29, 2011; "On Wednesday, January 26th, the Utilities and Environment committee considered our motion to remove fluoride from Calgary’s water supply.  It was a long day, with the public hearing beginning at 9:30 in the morning and ending at 8:00 that evening. …. at the end of the day, the committee voted to send the recommendation to stop water fluoridation to the council to endorse…… The item will now come to City Council on February 7th for a final decision." 


Not only will ending fluoridation save cities tens of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars ($24,500 minimum in Crescent City), but it will also save citizens the health costs of treating a variety of ailments attributed to fluoride. 


The list includes but is not limited to:  dental fluorosis, a permanent discoloration or mottling of the teeth, which can cost $1,000 a tooth to treat with veneers.

1% of the population is thought to be highly sensitive to fluoride leading to a variety of reversible ailments including neurological, dermatological and gastro-intestinal problems.    

Other serious concerns include arthritic-like symptoms, brittle bones, lowered thyroid function, lowered IQ in children and possibly osteosarcoma in young males (a rare but frequently fatal bone cancer). 

Infants fed reconstituted formula, people with high water consumption, people with kidney disease or diabetes cannot handle fluoridated water.




Instead of 1 of the 10 greatest public health achievements of the 20th century, could it turn out that adding fluosilicic acid (a toxic industrial waste product) to our water supply becomes one of the biggest frauds of the 20th and 21st century?




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