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BY TED SCOTT with minor modifications in BOLD BLACK TYPE to make the article more reader friendly for all ages.

Ted Scott telling his dog, “NO, MARTY, YOU CAN’T GO IN THE STORE WITH ME.”

So, Thursday night around 6 PM I went in to Crescent City Can Food (known today as Grocery Outlet) on L & 3rd Streets’I was over by the eggs when this gal came in with a very young dog.  I asked a worker if they let non-service dog’s in this food store. He said that he was new and was not sure.  I said the law is for service dogs only. The dog was about 8 weeks old and had no tags just a rope and who know’s if it had its shots.

I then said, “What are you going to do if he pee’s or poops all over the floor and kids or a cart rolls over it, this is just wrong.” I said, “This is a food store and if this is the way it is here I’ll never shop here again, that’s just wrong and I have never seen this before”

I checked out,  paid cash real money only to see the gal’s boyfriend with the very same young dog and no tags that’s two dogs. So, I see the new guy was pointing at me with the Store Manager up front.  The store manager  had a unhappy look on his face looking at me. I’m thinking to myself I can handle this punk.  As I was about to leave he was still looking at me.  I asked him to come over and I asked him about non-service dogs in the store.
He said, “We do let dogs come in our store.”  I didn’t like his tone.
Now this is where I blew it with this hot shot punk.  I said, “Well, you’re a real dumb BLEEP.”
Now, that was the wrong thing to say. Church boy did not like my words.  He yelled back at me to not to speak in that tone to him. I asked him at this point if  the law is for service dogs, not someone’s pet. So, I repeated, “You could care less if the dogs pees or poops on your floor.”
At this point he told me to get out of his store right now.  Now we’re out side.  I told this punk, This is not over.”
He pulled his cell phone out to call the cops.   I said, “Oh this is going to be real fun-LOL–go ahead call.”
He put his phone away as I said “Dude, I know your Boss. You tell him it was a guy named Ted Scott; I’m in the phone book and I’m going to turn your behind into the health department.  Now he looks at me, turns and goes back in his store as he called out and yell’s back at me, “Call your Attorney. I could care less.”
Do any of you know how good it makes me feel to stand up to this punk manager.  They say give a man some power and he will prove what kind of man he is,,,,I just got done looking up Calif service dog law. Also if any of you want to shop in a store that lets non-service dogs in, LOOK OUT FOR PEE AND POOP on the floor and the bottoms of your shoes.

  • Location:
    1124 – 3RD STREET
    (707) 464-3131
  • Store Hours:
    M-F 8-8:30,
    Sat 8-8:30,
    Sun 9-8

FRIDAY, January 25th.

I just got back from the Crescent City Health Department. Well, well, well.  I was right.
He said he just got done telling Wall-Mart the only dogs that can come in a store is a tagged license–“SERVICE DOG”  in the State of California., He’s going over to Can food’s (Grocery Outlet) and fill them in. He also said this is out of control in Crescent City.  Maybe some just don’t know the law because complaints are coming from other stores letting non-service dogs in.
PS—Yes I filled out a complaint on them game over. Also trying to say, “The dog comforts me don’t hold water in this State.”
  1. I just so happen to be in a unique position to know of an internet scammer who produces service tags and other paperwork to convert your pet into a bonafide “service animal”.

    He’s been reported but nobody seems to be willing to do anything about it. Nobody wants to get sued by Fido’s ma or pa when someone breaks the law inadvertently by asking to see the paperwork on the faux service animal.

    What’s worse is how many people fake disabilities in the first place. I have given up correcting people and just let karma kick their arse later. So far, the karma thing seems to be working.

    The internet scammer should be in jail any day now for major unrelated charges. 🙂

  2. Could you please tell us who it was at the health department that you spoke with and whom told you that they had just got done telling someone at mal-wart that they couldnt let in ” non service dogs “? Thank you.

    Just so you know – im really not for having pets brought into grocery stores.
    Growing up i only saw seeing eye dogs in stores.
    But with the law the way it is , the stores are only opening themselves up to potential litigation if they press the issue with someone, so im sure you can see their plight!
    Damned if they do damned if they dont.

  3. sorry to hear that you were cussing out a employee at grocery outlet.
    I just got a dog and was wondering what it would take to make it a service dog.
    It turns out thst you can have a doctors recomendation that you be allowed to have a “comfort pet” also found out that you “do not” have to show your service tags and or licence, nor is the store allowed to ask you for these documents.
    So it seems that it would be very difficult for a store owner to say the least.
    Im sure this is why we are seeing more and more ( usually small ) dogs in stores
    About the poop, pee problem- every dog owner has a duty to clean up after their pet.
    Also there is a matter of a leash law in california.

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