Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Governor Kate Brown,

I write to you today in hopes of opening a dialogue and as a last resort to put you on notice that we the people of Union County, Oregon have had enough!

Enough of your overreaching mandates! Enough of your bullying threats. Enough of you dictating our state by fear. You have once again initiated what many consider to be an unconstitutional mandate requiring our children to wear a mask while in school. You have gone so far as to threaten our teacher’s livelihoods and their ability to provide for their family with fines and certification revocations if they don’t enforce your mandate. You have backed our school board members into a corner even though the east side of the state has expressed a desire to have local control over these situations.

Leaders listen to their constituents. You have continued in a long line of politicians who ignore the will of the people on the east side of the state. You sit on the opposite side of the state and dictate with a heavy hand. You ramble off your orders to Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education telling them to carry out your mindless orders or face the consequences of your threats. You are inflicting more damage to our children than any virus could ever do, and you hide behind the misrepresentation that you care for us all. You ma’am care nothing about our children or the people of Eastern Oregon.

As Sheriff of Union County I took an oath to uphold the Constitution and stand up and defend the people of this beautiful county we call home. We have the God given right to freedom and the God given right to choose what is best for ourselves and our children. Let us do so.

We will raise our children how we see fit. We will choose to wear a mask or choose not to wear a mask. We will choose to get vaccinated or choose not to get vaccinated. Your mindless dictates will no longer be tolerated.


Cody Bowen

9 thoughts on “Oregon Sheriff Gives It to Gov Kate Brown”
  1. Thanks Cody, we we need more Americans like you to speak out on how are freedoms are being taken away and how we are being manipulated by unfounded fear!
    God Bless you my friend!

  2. Beautifully said my neighbors!!!! Unbelievable that a sheriff is capable of such stupidity!!! I’m ashamed knowing that this man has so many that HAVE to answer to him. This makes me want to crawl and hide under a table from embarrassment brought on by an Oregon Sheriff

    1. It is unclear what you are talking about. I see no where in the Sheriff’s statement that he is mandating anyone to disregard the Governor’s mandates. He seems to be giving his population a choice in the matter, something the Governor is not. Why exactly are you embarrassed? Clearly the idea of personal choice over whether or not to receive an experimental vaccine is a right for all US citizens and not illegal. There happens to be a federal law based on the Nuremberg Code (1947) that specifically prohibits any one from being forced to take an experimental drug. Thus far none of the vaccines have been vetted properly to be anything other than experimental. Talk by the FDA of allowing the Pfizer vaccine to become authorized as approved in September would in fact be illegal as the FDA has conducted no long term testing of any vaccine. Any effort by any government authority to mandate current vaccines without consent would also be illegal. It would pay you to broaden your reading and viewing habits. Perhaps you might not feel quite so willing to hide under your table, fear what others have to say, nor accuse them of being stupid when it is clear that there is a great deal that you do not appear to know about.

  3. I don’t always agree with our Governor, but in this I do agree with her and am shocked at a County Sheriff touting his concern for the citizens of his county when what he is saying goes directly against the proven science. Unfortunately, it has been shown over the past many months that people care more about what they ignorantly consider “personal right” when in actuality we are talking about “public safety”. This so-called” sheriff sworn to protect and serve is doing neither. Just as with a drunk driver, this sheriff should be looking at walking around unvaccinated and/or unmasked as DANGEROUS. It makes me sad and angry at the same time when I hear and read about those in positions of power touting such stupidity. Shame on you sheriff Bowen!
    Max Jordan

    1. Unfortunately you used the term “Proven Science” in this comment; so I am prompted to correct you. All of these vaccines are EXPERIMENTAL; which is the reason that a release form must be signed. There are no contraindications, drug interactions, and precious few precautions. EVERY PERSON getting vaccinated for Covid-19 is a Guinea Pig for pharmaceutical trials. There will be no “Proven Science” til the trials for these vaccines are complete. You have no “Proven Science;” but rather “Faith in Fauci,” and the drug manufacturers who are making tens of billions of dollars from vaccinations whose potentially dangerous consequences they are not liable for. The reason that “Mandates” are wrong comes from the Nuremburg Trials for crimes against humanity after World War II. If you would care to crack a history book, the Nazis administered a variety of experimental drugs to an unwilling population in concentration camps to determine the results; good or bad. Many of those people died as a result. Mandatory or compulsory use of experimental drugs has been forbidden ever since.

      This Sheriff is a credit to law enforcement nationwide, and sets an example for others to follow. Hopefully more will have the same guts and grit to stand-up for human rights against voodoo “science.

    2. If you truly think this about “public safety”, there have been over the past year and a half quite a list of public officials that talk “public safety” and do otherwise. As far as your concern over a person’s right to chose his or her health outcome, I think you are misguided. You are just as likely to be infected by someone masked up and fully vaccinated as otherwise. The notion that masks, distancing, and washing hands has not proven to be successful at any historical stage of combating a virus. Vaccines are not cures or preventatives. Vaccines can be an aid for some cases of infection of a virus by reducing the symptoms, but it does not prevent mortality. Natural immunity by having been infected by the virus provides a far stronger defense against reinfection, vaccines are not nearly as effective as we have seen with the current crop. Walking around maskless and unvaccinated is no more dangerous than a long list of common activities. Even if you accept the total numbers supplied by the CDC, very few Americans have experienced serious outcomes from testing positive for the Covid virus. If you had been keeping up with current reports out of the CDC, you would have become aware of the fact that the primary testing form, Rt-PCR tests, have been found to be unreliable by the FDA. Looks like we are seeing a situation where, as AOA has informed you, a virus no more dangerous than the Common Flu. And it looks like the Sheriff’s position on the virus might be a lot smarter than Oregon’s Governor. Shame on you Max Jordan for calling the Sheriff stupid.

  4. Thank you so much for speaking up, in my book you are a real Hero! You articulated what so many of us are feeling across all of Oregon. I agree & support every thing you have said!

  5. You claim to protect the citizens but won’t enforce a mandate that protects the only population that isn’t eligible for vaccination? You are the problem. You are the one remiss in your duties, sir!

    1. I presume you are talking about children when you say “the only population that isn’t eligible for vaccination?” You may wish to check on that as I believe only the very youngest 0-2 years of age, and not school age children are prevented from being vaccinated. One other point, it is well established that being vaccinated does not protect you from the virus. More than fifty percent of all new infections are fully vaccinated. About in line with the fact that a bit less than fifty percent of new infections are from people either partially vaccinated or unvaccinated. Deaths and hospitalizations from Covid, even the Delta Variant have also declined substantially. You will have to try again to explain why exactly the Sheriff is a problem and remiss in his duties. You initial arguement does not hold up.

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