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By Linda Sutter – April 22, 2022

Deplorable unsafe conditions!

The pictures you are looking at is one cell in the Del Norte County Jail. The inmate who resides in this cell is mentally ill. In the pictures you can clearly see approximately 20 milk cartons, and 10 trays which implies this has been built up for approximately 5 days or more. The door has a combination of rust and feces decorating it. The toilet is completely plugged, and I can’t imagine the smell.

A few years back, a woman was convicted by the District Attorney for keeping her RV looking like that and housing dogs. Who will convict the officers/deputies for not doing their job? Is it ok to allow the Officers to keep a very unhealthy environment within the Jail?

Tuberculous, Hepatitis, and MRSA come to mind with this environment. As a former Correctional Officer there were policies, regulations and laws that prevent this. But as usual no law north of the Klamath. I imagine we will hear every excuse under the sun about why this cell was kept the way it was. But the bottom line is there is no excuse. I wonder if they have a hazard inventory where the officers are supposed to keep cleaning supplies to disinfect these scenarios. I pretty much doubt they would know what that looks like. I can’t begin to imagine what the Officer’s stations look like.

Yet with that said, these department heads want to tax the people with Measure R and this is what we get? If you are not outraged with this there is something severely wrong.

In the meantime, I will fax a copy of this article and the pictures to Northern California ACLU. This county does not know what professionalism is, These photos could be construed as a violation of the 8th amendment; cruel and unusual punishment. Not to mention the safety of other inmates and staff and possibly bringing home disease.

4 thoughts on “Our Measure R Funds at Work?”
  1. Measure R Funds will not fix this problem. Lieutenant Schneck makes 221,000.00 per year and the BOS wants to give him another raise. This happened on his watch. What? No investigation for criminal conduct? BOS tried covering it up in violation of the Oath they took for office to uphold the laws and constitution.

    Receiving money for criminal activity and having a DA and Board of supervisors supporting it. Measure R will be repealed. As far as the officers, sergeants and Lieutenants who were involved with this I say lick them up in this mist steamy shithole they produced. Deliberate indifference violations of 8th and 14th amendments.

  2. Thank you Linda for exposing a problem in our County Jail. This is precisely the reason that we must continue to increase the $150,000+ salaries for our local Government Managers.

    Adding additional officers to the understaffed jail would be the obvious solution for the un-evolved conservative mind. However, to our enlightened local liberal managers, the simplest solution is even more obvious “Why add a bunch of stupid workers when an additional reward for “Brain Power” will eliminate the problem immediately?” I assure you that the finest minds in Del Norte County have already found the perfect solution; RELEASE THE INMATE!

    Taking the path trail-blazed by Governor Newsom is both safe and expedient. After all, a vast majority of prisoners were initially incarcerated because they were exercising their constitutional right of “The Pursuit of Happiness.” If it made them happy to stab or shoot someone, or molest and rape; then who are we to judge? All of our laws are based on White Supremacist and Judeo Christian Nazi concepts designed to repress the masses. A true multicultural society must be capable of not only tolerating, but embracing the practices of ALL CULTURES.

    There are groups and tribes in this world that practice Sharia honor killings, female genital mutilation, child sex, ritual torture, human sacrifice, cannibalism, head-shrinking, and a variety of important personal religious observances that our intolerant dominant White Supremacist society finds repugnant. In the context of our new Liberal Biden Administration, these racist and sexist biases must be abandoned. The best way to fight crime is to remove all laws from the books; except those that hunt down and imprison Right Wing White Supremacist Judeo Christian MAGA Insurrectionist Nazi thugs! Until that time comes, we can settle for our prosecutors refusing to press charges, and our judges immediately releasing “offenders” with no bail. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle are beacons of light and a model for us all to follow.

    See how easy that was Linda? That simple function of “Re-Framing” the problem is why we so handsomely reward our local government leaders!

    It doesn’t matter if the prisoner is a multiple time recidivist murderer, rapist, or child molester; the offender is better off out on the streets of Del Norte County. They will no longer trash or smear feces on their cell walls and door. They will no longer be a liability to our local County Jail, nor an embarrassment to our County Leaders.

    So, our Measure R tax dollars are being put to good use! They are providing bonuses, enhanced pay, additional benefits, and even free international trips for those wise decision makers who most deserve it. We should consider cutting all jail staff, releasing all of the inmates, and shutting down the jail entirely in order to provide maximum pay and benefits to our government managers. We might well consider doing the same for the Sheriff’s Office, our Fire Departments, and all government offices. Then, and only then, will Del Norte County’s Measure R funds reach its maximum potential. Del Norte might some day become the first California County with government managers drawing multi-million dollar annual salaries. Now that’s a goal worth striving for!

    We should all give thanks to our local leaders, and every Rainbow Warrior like myself, for making this community better. Kneel down, bow your heads, and raise your fist in solidarity to the war against government oppression!

    1. Terrific idea Rainbow Warrior. The County can eliminate everyone in all departments who do what work that needs to be done and have only the department head and his assistant, plus a couple of supervisors, to sit in their offices throwing sharpened pencils at the ceiling, or working the crosswords in the San Francisco Chronical, with the office door locked and signs indicating everyone in the department has been released from government “prison” and the public should just learn to live with it. Naturally, as you have suggested, those that remain should be amply rewarded. After all, they will likely benefit the public to a much greater extent if they weren’t doing any governing. Think of the money that could be saved then. With no government under foot, everyone would suddenly be able to be the best person possible. Success assured….

    2. Absolutely. Thats not the only crooked mile in this city.
      I liked all but throwing in the word “white” in responses turns my stomach. Its not the color, its the person.

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