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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – February 9, 2022

It’s hard to get one’s mind around the absurd reality: California is about to host the Super Bowl during a State of Emergency.

Tomorrow, we’re making one last attempt to stop this descent into Bizarro World. We will finally take a vote on ending the emergency.

The Assembly has never allowed a vote in the 21 months since I introduced my Resolution. But tomorrow I’m using a special parliamentary procedure to put everyone on the record for or against ACR 46.

Other blue states long ago ended their emergencies. Even New Jersey and Pennsylvania are done with school mask mandates. Yet Newsom is still clinging to absolute power as he masks millions of kids.

In our two-year battle against his one-man rule, this is our own Super Bowl. You can watch live on my Facebook page at 8 AM. Standing with me will be the new Assembly Republican Leader: James Gallagher.

Yesterday we chose James to lead our caucus. He’s been my co-plaintiff in our court battles against Newsom, my “partner in liberty” through thick and thin. As my time at the State Capitol ends this year, he’s the perfect person to carry on the fight.

I’m ready to take our fight to the U.S. Capitol – and national Democrats are sounding the alarm. With voting 3 months away, they’re hoping to strike a serious blow to our movement by taking me out.

Help me defeat Pelosi’s campaign machine

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