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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – May 3, 2022

Someone raised the question on Twitter: If Biden doesn’t run in 2024, who is most likely to get the Democratic nomination? Ben Smith, the former NY Times Writer and BuzzFeed Editor, replied: “Isn’t Gavin Newsom the obvious answer.”

Newsom’s delusional White House dreams are no secret. He basically used COVID as a campaign launch, believing if he could out-lockdown, out-mandate, and out-virtue-signal other blue state governors, that was his ticket to national glory.

We saw the same playbook yesterday in response to the leaked Supreme Court opinion. Even though it would have literally no impact on California, Newsom wildly vowed to “fight like hell,” outdoing the histrionics of other politicians.

For a time, it looked like Kamala Harris had boxed him out of the 2024 sweepstakes. But her absolute collapse on the national stage has opened the door – and Newsom is galloping through it in the most ungainly of fashions.

One reason I’m running for Congress is to warn the nation against the disastrous policies Newsom has inflicted on California. Now, it seems that warning may have to be more specific: not to let Newsom inflict himself on America. 

In good news, several Democrats have come out in favor of my proposal to suspend the gas tax. This is only happening after we forced the issue repeatedly. It’s further proof: the way you get the Supermajority to act is not by asking nicely.

And in other good news, a new poll shows parents plan to vote Republican by a 28-point margin. It seems the policy of causing kids nonstop misery for two years didn’t go over well. 

Help me stop Newsom’s policies – and Newsom himself – from going national

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