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Who recognizes the name Norma McCorvey? That’s the real name of JANE ROE.  Norma McCorvey, is now a pro-life advocate. McCorvey writes that she never had the abortion and became the “pawn” of two young and ambitious lawyers who were looking for a plaintiff who they could use to challenge the Texas state law.  Norma McCorvey (Roe) had claimed she was gang raped in order to gain sympathy for her attempt to have an abortion in Texas. Her lawyer, Sarah Weddington, knew the rape story was a lie when she argued the case before the Supreme Court, but she chose to keep that information from the court and the public. The truth did not surface until 1988, when Norma McCorvey herself confessed to the lie. In 1995, McCorvey joined the pro-life movement. Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade.

Since 1973, two highly visible and arguably vocal factions have emerged.  PRO-LIFE and PRO-CHOICE.  Included in that are all the shades of grey.  Those that think the medical procedure should be legal no matter what and that women have the ultimate decision on what they do with their body and not the State versus those that think the sanctity of life over shadows any argument and that a baby is a miracle and a gift from God.

Let’s look at the numbers: according to the Guttmacher Institute,a division of Planned Parenthood:  an abortion time clock on the internet  at and as of noon today,

55,885, 402 abortions have been performed in the US since Roe v Wade.

747 due to rape or incest this year in the US.

Over 1.2 BILLION performed in the world since 1980.

20, 882 performed by Planned Parenthood.

4,082 in the US this year after 16 weeks gestation

Here’s the significance of 16 weeks gestation:

 The body is fully formed, the fingers and toes have fingerprints & nails.

– Is about 5 inches long and weighs about 3 ounces.

– The baby is moving about: may grasp for the umbilical cord , suck its thumb, and make facial expressions

– The heart & circulatory system and the urinary tract are fully functioning. and the blood is pumping through these tiny veins

– The baby is inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid through the lungs.

-The eyes are in the proper position, and the baby can see straight ahead & blink his/her eyelids.

– The genitals have formed. In the case of a girl, the uterus has already developed and the ovaries are in the proper place.

40 years.  Nearly 56 million abortions.  







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