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Throughout the last 20 years the Pacific Ocean has been gradually become polluted and the ocean life has shifted drastically. Overfishing by commercial fishing, whale hunting, the killing of sea lions and other marine mammals, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, underwater active sonar, underwater mining operations, oil spills, and also sewer systems spilling non sufficiently purified sewage water into the ocean, all of that has reduced the fish population drastically, it has reduced the oxygen level in the ocean, it has reduced the nutrient level and it has made the ocean unclean.

Some sewer systems are eco friendly, those are the ones which us a natural pond purification system where the water can be cleaned by biotopes through a series of purification ponds. But unfortunately most sewer systems are conventional like the one here in Crescent City and those do not let purified water back into the ocean. The water they let back into the ocean is polluted. Very often I see foam washed on shore at South Beach and over by the Light House. Its yellow foam and soap suds which smell very dirty and very toxic. Several times we also saw massive amounts of dead crabs and worms washed on shore. That is an indicator of toxicity.

What each person however Can do:

Bring all toxic materials to the hazardous waste dump. Collect it all in a large box, write on the box Hazardous Waste, don’t use any of those items any longer, and bring the box to the hazardous waste disposal place, here in Crescent City it is the

Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority. When you go to their website at the upper right corner of the page you click on Hazardous Waste, on that page it will explain in detail what is regarded as hazardous waste and the safety measures pertaining to the different substances.

Just a quick review of the items and substances:

Motor oil


Electronic materials


Ammonia cleaners



Paint thinners


(I would add chlorine cleaners and any cleaner or substance which has coloring, bleach, ammonia, phosphates, chemicals and unnatural detergents in it)

Those substances shall never end up in natural environments like Lake Earl! They severely pollute the ground water and soil. Many birds and other animals have become very sick through contact with those toxins. We helped Pat Grady several times to rescue sick Pelicans in the Lake Earl area. If the hazardous toxins get into the well water ways it can cause many different cancers in pets and humans.

It is critical that each person helps to clean up the ocean, water sheds and wet land areas and any other natural areas like the Redwood Forest by using only 100% plant based soaps for cosmetic and household purposes. I highly recommend Earth Friendly Products, I am not paid by them for this recommendation. I use it and it works wonderfully and at the same time its skin friendly, my skin does not get dry or chapped from it. They also make laundry detergents free of artificial colorings, phosphates, ammonia, chlorine. Instead they use only natural plant oils and soap made from coconut oil. All of their products are made out of 100% natural materials which decompose themselves in septic tanks and are worm friendly. They also have an oxygen bleach for laundry and carpets which removes the toughest stains. I have used it on a motor oil stain on my carpet and the carpet looks like new now, it has completely removed the stain. All that’s needed is to spray the stain with water thoroughly, then cover the stain with a layer of Earth Friendly Products oxygen stain remover powder, let it sit for several days, I let it sit for a week, then remove the powder by cleaning it with a sham wow or other sponge soaked with water several times.

I recommend to use only 100% plant based shampoos for pets, humans, body and hair. I like to use Weleda and Dr. Hauschka because they received the world’s highest awards for environmental safety. I recommend to use Henna, a ground up plant from India, to color grey hair with, it works great, “its good for you, its good for others and it serves the greater good” as Tony Robbins always says, all of those recommendations serve the greater good and are according to Tony Robbins a Class 1 experience.

I highly recommend Not to use nail polish, glitter items, glitter paint, oil based paints, skin acids, nor any unnatural substances that don’t dissolve in nature. Fish and ocean mammals have been reported to develop serious illnesses caused by ingesting glitter and other unnatural substances because all of that eventually ended up in the oceans. (Read the environmental reports by NRDC.)

Never use any type of pesticide.

Pesticides encompass several different chemical categories: Herbicides (used to kills weeds), insecticides (used to kill insects), fungicides (used to control molds and fungi), and rodenticides (used to kill rodents). All pesticides have one thing in common: they kill life.

Learn about natural gardening. You can find the books in the public library and on the Internet. Collect decomposable items in a compost area in the garden and let it turn itself into fertile Earth soil for your plants. No need ever to use harsh chemicals. We have turned a waste dump into a garden Eden on our property in Crescent City. I forgot to take before and after pictures, the back yard has become a flourishing paradise and all the birds in the area love our garden. The birds find worms in our grass that are free from toxins and they taste good. :0) The grass is very green and thick and full of different herbs and belly flowers.

Nicola Grobe

Crescent City


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