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 November 1, 2022 – “Equivalent of 34% rate increase”
Notice of public participation hearing
Pacific Power and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) would like to hear from you. You are invited to participate in a Public Forum, also called a Public Participation Hearing, about Pacific Power’s General Rate Case Application. On May 5, 2022, Pacific Power (a division of PacifiCorp) filed its General Rate Case Application (A.22-05-006) with the CPUC. The application is requesting a total of $27.9 million.
This Public Forum is part of a formal proceeding that will be documented and placed into the formal record so the CPUC can make a decision regarding Pacific Power’s request. You can make comments and raise concerns to the CPUC Administrative Law Judge overseeing this application. You can also provide written public comments at any time during the proceeding at You may obtain a copy of the fact sheet for this proceeding, which provides more information regarding the request, by visiting
This hearing will be held remotely and can be viewed on the internet, or listened to over the phone, with the information below. If you wish to make a public comment, please participate by phone using the phone number below. After calling in and entering the passcode below, press *1, unmute your phone and record your name when prompted. Two hearings: November 7, 2022 at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.Webcast: number: 800-857-1917Passcode: 1767567#
See the full details of this notice with more information on Pacific Power’s request.
Para más información sobre esta reunión pública, y cómo este cambio impactará su factura, llame al 1-888-225-2611.

Brian and Megan Dahle Bieber, CA 96009

In a time when inflation and the rising cost of living are already crushing many California families and businesses, it is shocking to see a utility seek a rate hike on the scale of PacifiCorp’s request for a 34 percent increase. This is roughly four times the rate of inflation, and on top of that the utility seeks an increase in its authorized return on equity, which looks like nothing so much as gouging in the circumstances. Our legislative districts include Siskiyou and Modoc counties, in the PacifiCorp service area. Siskiyou County this summer experienced a terrible loss of lives and homes in a fire whose origin is believed to be utility equipment. As you know, this is just the latest of many similar fires around the state. We certainly appreciate the importance of strong utility safety measures and especially additional steps to manage fire-prone vegetation near power lines. The homes and very lives of utility customers depend on it. All the same, an abrupt increase of rates at this scale is a gross abuse of the ratepayers during already challenging economic times. We encourage the commission to reject the requested increase in return on equity and to give the utility’s cost structure and allocations the very diligent scrutiny that is the least this extraordinary request deserves. There must be a better way. Brian Dahle, Senator, 1st District Megan Dahle, Assemblywoman, 1st District

Oct 26, 2022 11:28 am

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