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By Linda Sutter – February 25, 2022

Parents lined up with standing room only to have their voices heard and fight for their children. Approximately 100 parents showed up to respond to abusive practices enforced by the school in mask wearing.

The board members were abusive in prolonging their unwanted comments about masks instead of letting the public diffuse. No parents wanted to hear the board members prolonged rational about masks and the board members certainly acted as though they didn’t want to listen to the parents. After several comments from brave students, and parents who stood unified together against continued wearing masks for this endemic (some wanted to continue to wear masks) Billie and Gavin Tygart served the board members with a letter of intent. The board was placed on notice and the crowd went WIlD!!!

The board members including Jeff Harris were reminded they are up for re-election abusing and dumbing down our children over a mask is not all right. Students came forward with complaints of abusive teachers and hall monitors over masks. Certainly OUTRAGEOUS!!!

By 10 pm and continued listening of an indecisive board I wrapped it up and walked out the door. One thing proved very beneficial tonight. TOGETHER WE STAND power is always in numbers. They work for us we do not take bended knees to our elected!!!

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