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Submitted By A Concerned Parent – August 17, 2021

Public schools are set to open on Monday, August 30th. It will be a minimum day. Meanwhile they say school is set to open for in person full days, 5 days a week. Then the next sentence it states Monday and Wednesdays will be minimum days. “Please check with your child’s school for scheduling information.

There will be two webinar’s Wednesday, August 18th. The first at 1 pm will cover Covid Safety requirements. During their webinar last Wednesday, they discussed their upcoming independent study program. At 5 pm, they will again discuss the Independent Study program.

If you are feeling anxious with massive government overreach regarding your children’s public education, please log on to one or both webinars taking place Wednesday, August 18th.

PARENTS NEED TO LOG ON AND SPEAK UP. If you are concerned about mask requirements, the Schools requirements and mandates are a VIOLATION of you and your children’s Constitutional Rights. The School CANNOT OVERRIDE your Individual Constitutional Rights, Freedom of Choice or Parental Authority. If you continue to remain Silent and Comply you give them Consent.

It is time for Parents to Stand up to DNUSD for their Massive Government Overreach.

Log on at:

2 thoughts on “DNUSD Webinar Wed Aug 18th 1:00 PM”
  1. Bravo Concerned Parent; I was starting to wonder if any of the parents in Del Norte County really care about the welfare of their children. The question is not whether to vaccinate or wear masks; but rather “IF” the DNUSD is a credible steward of your children’s education. In a school district where only 35% of children are functionally literate; do you really believe they have any concern about YOUR child’s education? I will wager that their only response to this question is to Poor-Mouth with complaints of “inadequate funding.” Why is it that test results continued to decline AFTER we voted to give them more money ten years ago? Money is not the issue; but rather the abysmal California School Curricula. The DNUSD is less concerned about education than they are about Marxist indoctrination.

    Your chances of changing the local educational system are slim, because Sacramento controls the DNUSD. Consider your educational tax dollars to be gone, wasted, thrown into the cesspool of Marxist ignorance and ineptitude. Please, do not cast your children into that same cesspool. The only hope for the children of Del Norte County are either home schooling, co-op home schooling with like-minded parents, or the formation of additional private and charter schools.

    I have one caution for parents who choose to home-school their kids; and that is the need for remedial education. Be aware that California educational standards are at the bottom of United States standards; 44th out of 50. Your child, even a Del Norte “Honor Student,” may score on a National placement test one or two grades BELOW their present level of attainment. So, you must ask yourself “Is my child better off being given a fantasy education; or would my child be better off facing the reality that they were short-changed of a quality education?” Should you choose to leave the DNUSD, it will take time, hard work and sacrifice on the part of both you and your kids. Is the future of your child worth it?

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