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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – February 4, 2022

On Monday, Gavin Newsom told us about his “judicious” mask-wearing at the 49ers game. The next day, Eric Garcetti did him one better. 

LA’s Mayor assured the public that in his own maskless photo with Magic Johnson, he was holding his breath. Yes, his defense is he didn’t exhale. The line between parody and reality has vanished entirely. 

Citing Newsom and Garcetti’s conduct, hundreds of Oakdale students just organized a protest against the mask mandate. I’ve visited schools where it’s simply ignored. The kids are happy and learning.

At the Capitol this week, I gave every legislator the letter now signed by 124 school board members. It demands “the end of the State of Emergency,” the end of “all masking, testing and vaccination mandates,” and “a return to normal school activities.”

It was a good week at the Capitol, actually. On Monday we stopped AB 1400, the Single Payer bill that doubles state taxes. On Thursday we passed HR 82, my Resolution proclaiming School Choice Week. 

We’ve won big victories for our state as part of the super-minority. Imagine what we can do for our country as part of the majority. 

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