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By Donna Westfall – October 22, 2016 – What happens when a prominent member of our society is caught in one of the most abominable crimes?  If we rate murder as the worst crime, repeated sexual abuse of a child is not far behind. Why would a man like Chris Renner act in such a way?

Let’s turn to some of the letters sent in regarding his case.  A total of 39 letters were written to Honorable Judge Phillip Shafer. It is clear  from the letters that his family, friends and employees love, respect and admire the man.  The pattern seems to be clear.  He had a problem with alcohol which no doubt influenced his bad choices. He appears to have turned his life around and has been clean and sober for some time.  I’m trying to get an interview with Chris Renner before he is transported to prison.

This first letter is from his daughter: Naomi Findlay




4 thoughts on “Part 1 – The Chris Renner Story”
  1. I was once under age and I knew Chris very well, I can assure you during those times which was long ago, myself no other boy was not where he wanted to be. Chris was a good man caught in a very unfortunate circumstance. I don’t know what the final positions where’re but again I can assure everyone he was a very kind man with a good heart and good intentions. I never once felt taken advantage of or any sense of being used ever.

  2. Dear Naomi,

    the only reason your dad shows remorse is because he got caught…end of discussion..he is a sick individual who needs to be put away for the rest of his life to protect the public…i have worked in the prison around child molesters and i will never forget what one told me…”i hope i never get out because i know i will do it again”…they can’t help it ..this is their addiction…you are right to worry about his safety…unless of course he is committed to corcoran state prison where they house the majority of sexual predators…he has ruined a life for the rest of their life….and you want the minimal sentence…disgusting..obviously the goodness you describe about how he contributed to the catholic school had conditions…if you profile sexual predators, white middle age, and always one of the pillars of the community…hmm…seems to fit…by protecting him you are creating karma for your own children…stop…face it for what it is…and let go…move on…and don’t look back…

  3. Does moderation mean collusion? This is from a prominent member of society not just crescent city. All those other “prominent” figures at the sentencing should be ashamed and reported. The entire family knew and tried to keep it a secret. How is that not a crime?

  4. I’m sorry but substance abuse doesn’t clear you from a crime. Otherwise every DWI would be a closed case. Also I know personally that Chris was sober at the time and also that his wife and children knew about his transgressions. Selling gasoline doesn’t make you “prominent.” By the way for all those supporters, this is what predators do…act normal in the light but hurt people in the dark. Wake up!!

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